Monday, December 31, 2012


It's probably been about a year. Maybe two. I guess only my hairdresser knows for sure. But it's definitely been awhile since I've pulled all my hair back into a high, very tight pony tail.

It is a look that no longer works for me. Even if it does temporarily give me that face-lift feeling.

MAN. I have a headache.


Although ... this headache could be from ALL THE THINKING I've been doing. Seriously. So much learning. So many details.

My brain is growing. It might even be bigger than my heart by now.


I just said 'goodbye, drive safe, have fun', to my third son (and his girl) who are off to Sun Peaks to hang out with the rest of the O's. It's hard being the one that stays behind and prays for travelling mercies.

And has to work.


Listen to me whine.
I have a job. That's a good thing.

Just a sec.

Dear God. Thank you for providing me with a good job. One that will feel perfect in about six months. Amen.


Sorry but that.
Needed to do a quick attitude adjustment.

All better now.
I'm smiling.



It's New Year's Eve.
(It officially starts at 5 pm, yes?)

I'm having Itchiban soup for supper.
What're you having?

Plus I'm trying to catch up on some work, entering deadlines into the project management software program for some upcoming email projects at work. The more often I do this, the easier it gets.

That was a prediction, not an observation.


This could be a long-ish evening. I should probably take out the ponytail. But then all those hairs have to bend back the other way, and that hurts even more.

Hang on.

Dear God.
Thank you for this head of hair. It's thick and healthy. And a gift from you through the DNA passed down through the generations by my mom's family. Sorry I'm such a whiner today. Just ignore me. Unless I need help. Thank you. Amen.


Back to the chocolate.
No one took their stockings to Sun Peaks with them. I know I'll find something sweet in there. (My mouth feels salty-blech after that soup.)

Know what else no one took to Sun Peaks? The 2002 two-wheel drive pick-up truck that has NO WEIGHT IN THE BACK. And no heat in the cab. THAT TRUCK? Got left for me. My truck? Has travelled more than I have this year. In fact, my truck has been driven by others more than by me, this year.

OOooooh. Just found a yellow and a green smartie at the bottom of my purse.


K. I gotta go concentrate.
If I work for one more hour straight, with no distractions, I will reward myself.

With something AWESOME.


See you in the new year.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I just ran my tongue over all my teeth. They're still there.
2. Drew is driving his new 4 x 4 truck. It has a heater. And apparently the roads are clear.
3. Today was payday.


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