Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For Andrew, Something to read on the Train

I wish I had something to write about that might be even a little bit interesting.
But I don't.
Sorry this is so lame, Andrew.

I shoulda thrown myself down a flight of stairs or scaled the outside walls. But no. All I did today was sit at my desk and communicate with printers and designers. By the end of the day? Yay - page 8 was successfully uploaded and is ready printing. Whoo hoo. Go me.


We had another event at work today. A Valentine's Day gathering. Cupcakes and strawberries.
And people sitting around talking. And groan. Just groan. How can a person be 51 and still feel as insecure as she did when she was 15?


I'm watching the third season of Downton Abbey on DVD because watching TV bores me, what with all the commercials and waiting a whole week to find out what happens next. I live in a microwave world and I need to know now. After I've done this series, I think I'll try Game of Thrones. Or maybe Merlin.


I think it would be hard being married to an actor.
How could you tell if he is being real, or if he's just playing a part? I mean, if he's awesome at making viewers believe he's fallen hopelessly in love with the leading lady because of his ability to make sexy googly eyes and soft, shy smiles - how would you know if he isn't just acting with you?

I must have a few unresolved trust issues, no?

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I like my job.
2. I like Downton Abbey
3. I like evenings like tonight. I had errands to run (shudder) but it wasn't raining. And I had a friend who joined me because she loves going to Costco, Walmart, Home Depot and Michael's.
4. Drew was here for a few days while his dad and step-mom where in Vegas. They're back now and he's moving out again. But I'm not going to fall apart this time like I did in November. February? Thank you for not being November.
5. Max and his friends are helping out/running a (recovery info) meeting in Tsawwassen on Friday nights. If you know of anyone who needs to meet some cool guys who have come through the other side of drug addiction, encourage them to drop in to The Little House. They have planned for the evenings to be informative but fun. Mostly fun. The Little House.
6. I like hearing God stories.
7. I am thankful for weekends. They were one of God's best inventions.
8. I am thankful that my dad is getting good care. He was relaxed and at peace on Sunday afternoon... "You can go," he says to me after an hour, "I'm fine. I'm healthy."
9. I'm thankful that Clint and Max had dinner with me on Monday - BC's first ever Family Day. Spaghetti Factory in New West. Oh the memories in that building.
10. I am thankful this new sermon series: Daniel.


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