Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm thankful for:

1. Someone wants to look at my house. Like, to consider purchasing it. Aaaack. It is SO not ready.
But cool, in a scary way.

2. Opportunities to meet/share/talk to a new friend. Thankful that people take the risk of initiating contact. Thankful for another great evening in Starbucks. Thankful for good conversation. And a rich connection.

3. Thankful for the Creative Team at work. Still in awe of their work ethic and positive encouragement. The honeymoon's not over yet. Praying daily that I don't miss a detail or deadline - I DO NOT WANT TO BE THE WEAK LINK. Thankful for answered prayer.

4. Thankful for evidence of God's hand all over my dad's life.

5. Extra, super dooper thankful that the weekend is coming. And after that, another weekend will be coming. Life? Is grand.

6. Thankful that I can 'confess' my big secrets to my mom, and she listens without judgement, assuring me I haven't done anything really wrong. #bestpriestever #nohailmarys Regardless, I still have to pray about it... God may have other ideas about my rich fantasy life. Maybe I should be spending more time thinking on things that are good, and pure and noble and REAL. Hahaha.

G'nite, y'all

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