Sunday, April 14, 2013


Dear God,

Please comfort them.
Send your angels - surround and protect their home and fill their aching souls with Your life-giving hope.

This? Was part of Your plan and even though we don't understand - (we never do, when it involves the death of our children), I pray that we all would have the Blessed Assurance that he is with You. We know that he agrees with You, that this was a fantastic idea at exactly the right time. We don't understand why, but we know You allowed this to happen for Your purposes and Your glory. And we choose to praise You for the good that will come of this.

God? We trust, we trust that he is with you, laughing and pain-free in heaven, happy to be in Your presence. There will be so much sorrow here, though, as he will be missed. Please, when the grief gets overwhelming and threatens to gut us, please send Your Holy Spirit to minister. Remind us of Your perfect plan, Your perfect timing, Your perfect love and fill us to overflowing with Your perfect peace.


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