Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In vs Ex

Introverts are awesome, man.
We will not be the life of your party, but boy, if you ever want to go deep - we are there for you.

Know what else we're good at?
Writing books.

It's probably just a coincidence but I bought this book yesterday:

It's THE go-to book these days on The Power of Introverts.
Written by the brilliant woman who has a great idea worth sharing:

And then today, Donald Miller posted this on his blog: How to Get Along with An Introvert.

So the theme of introversion is being hammered home today.
And while this evening has mostly been about laundry and dishes and gathering up garbage, I have taken the time to look through the material that is crossing my path today.

I took this quiz to determine just how introverted I am. I am a 15 out of 20. What're you?

At the front of the book, Susan says the following:
"The single most important aspect of of personality is where we fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum. Our place on the continuum influences our choice of friends and mates, and how we make conversation, resolve differences, and show love. It affects the careers we choose and whether or not we succeed at them. It governs how likely we are to exercise, commit adultery, function well without sleep, learn from our mistakes, place big bets in the stock market, delay gratification, be a good leader, and ask "what if" ..."

Are you wondering who is more likely to do what?
Extroverts are more likely to exercise and commit adultery.
Introverts are more able to function well without-sleep and learn from their mistakes.
Extroverts place big bets.
Introverts ask "what if".

And depending on the type of leadership required, both introverts and extroverts are equally good leaders.

Interesting, no?
TOTALLY explains SO much. Especially the sleep thing.

And I'm only three pages into the book.


Just thought I'd share.

And depending on how awesome the next three pages are - I might be back. Yacking about self-awareness.


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15 out of 20.