Monday, May 20, 2013

So far, so good.

Thankful for this holiday weekend:

1. Thankful that all 4 kids joined me for dinner and a movie on Friday night. And SO thankful that Star Trek was such a fun, fun, movie to see. You should totally go. And invite me, because I'd love to see it again.

2. Thankful that I had a friend to sit with in church on Saturday night. LOVE that. And I loved the 4 hour conversation afterwards. Thankful that she was a good listener... this business of living alone? Causes me to store up all my words until I burst at the first sign of a friendly ear. Oy. Next time we meet, I WILL BE THE QUIET ONE.

3. Thankful for this afternoon's success at buying my dad 3 red shirts for his birthday. He only wears long sleeve, non-buttoned, bright red shirts these days, and I actually found THREE today at Sears. Thankful that he is totally at peace about being 77. He told me a number of times during today's visit that he was an old man. And he said it without sadness. He said it like he was surprised. "He was old? That was cool. He's fine with it."

I am thankful he knows who I am.
He knows me.

You're Jane.
You're our oldest.
You talk alot.
You're divorced.


I am lucky, I know that.
I have a dad who loves me.

4. Thankful for supper with my mom tonight. Thankful that she loves my dad.
I am thankful for the legacy they are giving our family... their commitment to each other is special and unique. And I am so proud of them. This is not an easy life, and lesser people would have bailed.

5. Thankful that I could celebrate with Max and his friends as another one of them took a two year cake tonight. Everytime I go to a meeting I leave inspired. Inspired by their transparency. Their raw honesty. Their humbleness. I am in awe of the depth of their friendships. I love the way they hold each other accountable. I am so very thankful that Max is part of a community that does recovery together. I leave there, wanting that raw honesty in my relationships too. It's risky though, right? Exposing your weaknesses and vulnerabilities and pain to another person?


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