Thursday, August 22, 2013

because when they said ' i do' they meant it

They're celebrating being married for 54 years today.

He lives in a care home
with 89 other residents with mental and physical ailments.
She lives in the house he built with love
with her daughter and granddaughter.

They spend three hours together every afternoon.
He, lying on his bed
in his red shirt
blue jeans
and black shoes.

She, beside him in a wicker chair
wearing something turquoise and cheerful
with her glasses on
and her hands busy, crocheting.

He lists all the dead people he knows.
She remembers them all with him.

He lists all his kids.
She reminds him who had which grandchildren.

He lists all his memories.
She recalls them with him, filling in details.

All this conversation ...
against the backdrop of Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn
getting to know each other in Overboard.

And then, as her prepaid parking runs out,
she leans over to kiss him.
He stretches his lips to meet hers.
And it's goodbye
Til tomorrow, God willing.

This is what marriage looks like.
When you've made a vow.


Thanks, Art, Anne, Hildegarde, Don and Wendy for celebrating with them.

On Thursdays, he comes home for a visit:

Yes. That's a Christmas Tree. Deal with it. 

Dear God,

Thanks for thinking up the idea of friendship.
Thanks for these friendships.
Can you keep a close eye on these folks?
Surround them with Your love, heal them from their aches, pour out Your wisdom on them as they make decisions, and flood them with Your peace.


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Just Me said...

Hi Jane,

Tricia posted your link on her blog and I followed it here to read about your son's trip. God bless him and your other sons. Read down the page to this article and cried. I'm sitting in a Panera Bread in Ontario and was weeping like a baby. Thank you for making me was worth it...however you didn't leave me a sobbing wet mess because ...I read on...