Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Post

It just seemed wrong to leave that cougar story up as the front page of this blog for any more days.

So here we are.
What do you want to talk about?

How about this:

Now that the shower is done, and photos have been posted to instagram:

I can post my pics.

Danica saw an idea on pinterest and was inspired to hand out personalized chocolate suckers to her guests at a bridal shower she hosted last Sunday.

First we ordered two dozen milk chocolate smiley face lollipops from Purdy's through Val.

Then I asked one of our designers to create a 2" round sticker/label for us (over the weekend, NOT during a work day) and she came up with this:

(TOO CUTE, no?)

And then Dancia and I wrapped the chocolates in cellophane, tied them with a cheerful bow, applied the sticker and VOILA. (I forgot to take a pic. Sorry.)

This is how she displayed them at the shower, on a sweet side table in a picket fence planter:

Giant crepe pompoms:

And then it was late-night-time and I had to go to work the next day so that was it for crafting for me. The girls stayed at the cabin for another day and another night and tanned and had fun and I'm an adult now so I had to leave.


If you're not on facebook, you probs haven't seen my Creationfest pics.
I'll post some here for you:

This is the group of folks I hung out with last weekend:

(A much smaller crowd than Creationfests of Old.)
(But size doesn't matter.)
(Not to me at least.)

Everyone was in good moods. Lots of smiling faces:

And the concerts were great - ESPECIALLY Saturday night.
Saturday night?
Was awesome x 1 million zillion.

The Passion Team:
David Crowder
Chris Tomlin
Kristian Stanfill
Christy Nockels
 and speaker Louie Giglio

SERIOUSLY, if you are over, say 40, a Christian, and not bored by worship music, you should plan NOW to attend the next concert this Passion Team does in a city near (or even not-so-near) you.
I'm not even kidding a little bit.

That concert/talk could have gone on for hours. I wouldn't've left.

(Can you tell it's raining in that pic? No? How about this one:)

Just trust me.
It was wet.
I had an umbrella, so I was fine. (In case you were wondering about my hair...)

But the point is, NO ONE left when the rain started.
We just sat there and listened. And sang. And maybe even danced. Well, 'worshipdanced'. Which isn't as sexy.


Know what?
God created us for this.
"This" being community. He designed us to do this 'worship together' thing with joy.
Sure, it's good to sing along to Chris on the radio - but seriously. SO. Much. Better. when you're surrounded by friends who recognize the holiness of the moment with you.

And as perfect as the evenings at the fairgrounds were, and, oh, they were perfect, it was even more perfecter to go to a hotel for night. I can't even begin to explain the difference between camping with 12 boys in an RV versus sharing a fantastic hotel room with a friend. A friend who was totally OK with me sleeping til noon.

So what I'm saying is that last weekend was a gooder.

Next weekend will not be at all like last weekend.

I'm going on a stay-cation. Being a tourist in the big city half an hour from here.
I'm staying in Yaletown! (In the trendy corner of Vancouver, Trish.)
In a two bedroom apartment!
Erhm, also cat sitting.
Erhm, cat sitting a cat with cancer.
Erhm, cat sitting a cat with cancer who hasn't eaten these past few days
Erhm, cat sitting a cat with cancer who hasn't eaten these past few days and who's end quickly draweth nigh.
Also. The forecast is for rain.

So that should be interesting.


Oh. And if you're not on facebook, you probably haven't seen my Pirate Day pics.

OK, OK. I'll post a few here:

So on Wednesday, our department was responsible for hosting a BBQ for the entire staff group. (Lunch for 50)

After a lively debate, the theme decided upon was Pirates of the Aegean Sea. We served Greek food, and wore eye patches.

Entrance into the lunch room:

Instead of offering everyone a paper plate, meals were served in pirate ships:

Tablecloths were fake treasure maps:

Beverage was lime-aid to ward off The Scurvey:

Those are chicken skewers and veggie skewers.
And every single one of them was eaten.

Now you really really wish you worked with me, don't you?

Wait until you hear about tomorrow...
Volunteer work in the morning.
Bowling in the afternoon.

Pics to follow.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My internet connection worked this evening. Last night it didn't. My access to the World Wide Web from this basement is Tempermental. Or mostly just mental. Or premenopausal. Or premenstral. Or a teenaged boy.

2. Facebook conversation with current cat/house sitters...
"Seriously, I did ask the doctor if the cat's death would it be quietlike falling asleep or would it be something more violent, because the person coming next is not all that great with pets."

Haha. That's me. "Person who is not all that great with pets..."
I should get that printed on my business card.

3. Reading glasses. Books to read. People who write books. An industry that takes books and makes them into movies.


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