Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Dear God,

Thank you for summer.
It was a good invention. Probably one of Your best.

Beaches are good too. River beaches. Lake beaches. Ocean beaches.
Thank you.

Thank you for my mom's house. Thank you that dad (and Jim) got it all built before his brain broke.
Thank you that I have a place to live. For awesome parents who have loved me since the moment I was born. (Nay, probably from the moment I was conceived.)

I know that some people don't have this, this unconditional love thing. Thanks for arranging for me to have it.

Thanks the during this season of homelessness, I have a home.

And even though it has a northern facing backyard, it's an awfully nice place to hang my hat at the end of the day.

And God? Thank you for my people.

I'm still not sure why You chose me to be their mom.
I was woefully unprepared. And completely ill-equipped.
I should have prayed more.

Not that it's useful to try and figure out Your motives or anything, but I was thinking...
Maybe I'm their mom, by Your design, because they are So Very Much Not Like Me.
And my world keeps growing because of them. I continue to be nudged and pushed and pulled and yanked and grabbed and booted out of my comfort zone because of these boys you gave me.

Through them I have to see and think and feel and love differently. (Differently: not in they way I intuitively think things should be.)
Was that the plan?

Thanks alot.

My world view and my heart are always being tested.
What do I really believe about love? About relationships? About You? About Your son? About families? About grace?About forgiveness?


Thank you.
I'm trusting that You've got great plans for these kids of mine.
Plans that are filled with goodness and hope.
Plans that will rock their worlds. And the world around them.
Plans that include love and family. And rich relationships.

God. I pray Your will be done in their lives.
Prepare them today for a lifetime of following You.

And, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for the gift of this girl:

and crafting evenings like tonight.

Thank you for the memories that have been made at this place.
Thank you for the ones we'll continue to make.



Poplarhillfarm said...

Thank you for sharing this walk down memory lane and more. . . Just so great!

Poplarhillfarm said...

This is just so lovely. Thank you for giving us a glimpse as you walk down memory lane!