Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coming Home

Walking through the metal detector at the PV airport, I hear the familiar indicator that there is something metallic on or in my body.

Young Mexican male: Do you mind if I scan you?
Me with my hands up: Sure, go ahead.
Young Mexican male with Short Light Sabre: Smiles and outlines my body with his toy.
Handheld Metal Detector Device: Beep. Beep.
Young Mexican Male, looking deeply into my eyes: Bra?
Me, pointing at my face: I am old, if I didn't put them in a bra, I'd have to tuck them into the waist band on my comfort-fit mom- jeans.
Young Mexican Male: nods and indicates I am free to go.

Smug me, smuggling staples and bolts across international boundary lines in my bra: heh heh. Score!

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