Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Light Of Thanksgiving ...

I am thankful for:

1. Laughter
2. Music that moves my emotions from here to there
3. Walking in the dark with friends who don't mind walking in the dark
4. A job that keeps my brain cells firing
5. A visit with my dad today. He tells me he's going to live to be 100. When my mom said she wouldn't be around that long, he said that was fine. He'd miss her but he wanted to live.
6. Days without rain
7. Movies that make you smile
8. Books that make you think
9. Friends who can read your mind
10. Moments when you know that you are loved. By God.
11. Blackberry jam
12. Teapot Hill
13. Unexpected words of affirmation
14. Unsolicited hugs from my kids
15. My bed. I seriously love my bed.
16. Answered prayer
17. Rockets. The candy.
18. Turkey dinners
19. Leftover turkey
20. I am thankful for the people who visit my dad
21. I am thankful for the people who care for my dad
22. Facebook
23. Book clubs
24. Clear nights when I can see the lights twinkling on the other side of the river
25. Sound of waves pounding
26. Lightning storms in Mexico
27. Chocolate
28. The colours of fall
29. Hope
30. Memories
31. Smart people
32. Flip flops
33. Basement bedrooms
34. Calendars
35. Ice water with no lemon
36. Beaches
37. Coil-bound lined notebooks
38. Handmade cards
39. My camera
40. Textures
41. Hands
42. TV Series' on DVD
43. Full moons
44. Perfectly ripe avocados
45. Palm trees and weeping willows trees
46. Long weekends
47. British accents - especially Northern ones
48. Wireless internet
49. Opportunities
50. Hormones
51. Glue guns
52. I am thankful for the way God made each of us good at something
53. I am thankful for the interesting people in my life
54. Curling irons
55. I am thankful for Clint, and thankful that he's home from his travels.
56. I am thankful for Max, and thankful that he's healthy and happy.
57. I am thankful for Drew, and thankful that he's got a job he loves.
58. I am thankful for Danica, and thankful that she is in our family.
59. I am thankful for Saturday mornings even though I'm never awake to enjoy them
60. Nice smelling hand cream
61. People who overcome. And share their stories.
62. NA and AA
63. Hugs
64. Crisp pickles
65. The cabin
66. Divine intervention
67. Faces with crinkles from smiling
68. The Canucks
69. Tables. They are one of my favoritest inventions. So many good things happen around (and on) a table.
70. The colour turquoise
71. I am thankful that my kid records his travels with his camera. I am thankful that he is a great photographer. His Nepal pics (dogs and gods) are here.
72. Pelicans
73. Praying in my truck with friends about our kids
74. Mango anything.
75. These slippers that are on my feet right this minute
76. Wise, inspiring, friends
77. I've mentioned my bed already, right? Because I really am thankful for it.
78. That was a bit of a cheat. I owe you another 77.
79. And a 78.
80. Sunsets. Tropical breezes. Lime-aids.
81. There you go. All caught up. Also, I'm thankful for people who love each other well.
82. And I'm thankful for the technology of text messaging
83. Walks on paths strewn with crunch maple leaves.
84. This place. (And 'this place' is usually where ever I am. Today, though, it's the cabin.)
85. And I am so very thankful when God gives me a glimpse of how He's going about answering my prayers. It happened yesterday, and whoa, DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL THIS IS?
86. I am thankful for youtube. Just this weekend, in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner, I've learned how to cut up a mango and prepare a yam. PLUS I GOT TO SEE THIS:

(Which is Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon at New York Comic Con talking about Outlander. Squeee.)
She is 61 years old.
89. I am thankful for Thanksgiving. I love this tradition of hanging out at the lake...

90. I am thankful for my dad and mom.
91. I am thankful for lazy evenings watching dumb movies (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) with my these kids of mine.
92. I am thankful for people who make movies. And TV shows. And I'm thankful for people who write books and screenplays. And I'm thankful for people who make music.
93. I am thankful for the smell of campfires in the fall.
94. I am thankful for late night walks with my oldest.
95. I am thankful for Purdy's chocolate.
96. And Creme eggs.
97. And the internet.
98. And pastors who preach.
99. And families that love.
100. And I'm thankful for midnight suppers when these boys are around.

Shalom, friends.

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