Thursday, November 21, 2013

News Flash. It's Not All About You.

So I was at my Wednesday night Theology Class and I learnt something.
Go me.

The Old Testament stories? You know, the ones about Adam, Noah, Moses, Ruth, Esther and so on? The reason those stories are in the Bible? IS NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE GOOD MORALS TO THEM.

Growing up, as you study/read about those famous biblical characters, the 'take away' value of their stories has always been the MORAL. Like, the story of Joseph? And that portion of his story when he fled from Potiphar's wife's sexual advances? Well, a moral of the story, (there could be many morals) is to remain pure, and someday God will reward you. In Joseph's case, he became second in command to the entire country.

Each story has a moral. And that's what we learned in Sunday School. These OT guys were great role models on topics like forgiveness, faith, praying, obedience, and so on. And I always kinda thought that's why God wanted the Old Testament to be part of His Holy Bible.

This is not so.

Oh no siree bob.

The Bible isn't a story book full of good morals for our enjoyment and learning pleasure. EVERY SINGLE story is about God's plan for redeeming us. The entire Bible is about Jesus. Jesus wasn't Plan B. He didn't show up in the New Testament. He was part of the plan all along. He was there, right from the beginning - even in Creation - BEFORE ANYONE SINNED. God planned the whole dying on the cross thing, even before Adam was invented.

The whole Bible, is all about Jesus.

Watch this:
(oh go on. It's only three and a half minutes.)

Did you watch it?

Seriously. Just do it.

So interesting, no?

Apparently there's now a Children's Story Bible that ties in Jesus in to every Old Testament story. I love that.

My grandkids are going to be so much smarter than me.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I am thankful for videos like this one: It just makes me smile -

2. And this?  I TOTALLY LOVE:

3. And I'm especially thankful for TWO AMAZINGLY CLEAR DAYS IN A ROW. Blue skies. Snow on the mountains. Blinding sun. So, so, awesome.

It was -2 degrees when I got home at 10 pm tonight. But I made a deal with myself on Novemeber 1; if I get home before 11 pm and it's not raining, I will walk up the hill. 

So, with all my winter clothes packed somewhere, I just put on 4 layers of summer clothes and went for my walk. It was exhilarating. And half an hour later, I came back to my bedroom with 4 frozen cheeks.


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Constance said...

Jane! Loved the Tim Keller video. Had to work last night and today so missed church. I count this as my sermon. Three point five powerful minutes. Thanks for posting!