Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently - November edition

These are the things that I am:

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about,

We did it! 
November is OVER. And it was good. And on sunny days, it was very good. 

1. Things I am obsessing over:
  • Walking. I am trying to fit in a half-hour hill walk every day. So far, I'm averaging about 4 walks per week. Which is way better than my past average of 0 walks per week. But still. I'm going to have to give up something if I want to insert some sort of physical movement to my life on a regular basis. Something like sleeping til noon on the weekends. Gasp.
  • I am obsessing over NOT getting all worked up about Christmas. I don't know what it's gonna look like. I don't know which day I'll be celebrating with my kids. I don't know what it's gonna feel like 'doing Christmas' from a bedroom. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. And I'm obsessing about making it not matter. 
  • I am obsessing (in a good way) about prayer. All it takes is for a few of them to get answered in an exciting way, and BAM, an obsession about praying for people and places and things is ignited. 

2. Things I am working on:
  • Being super organized at work, so that when I take holidays THIS year (Whoo Hoo, 3 weeks off plus those extra 5 flex days) the projects in production will flow seamlessly from design to delivery. 
  • Being super organized in my personal life so that I can go away to some place warm and relaxing when I take my vacation time in 2014. Or some place interesting. Or some place meaningful. Or some place where people I love are gathered. And Not just use those days off to get poked and prodded. 
  • I'm still working on the salad thing. I'm proud to say I've increased my lettuce intake by about 2000 % over what it was a year ago. Go me. Which isn't a great stat, actually, because I think I used to average one salad a month. 
3. I am thinking about:
  • Paul Walker's death. And how he was a hero to Drew. And also thinking about James Dean's death. And how he was a hero to my dad. And also about Grace Kelly's death. And how, funnily enough, she is Max's screen crush. 
  • Getting a 4-pack of passes to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Because I'm determined to add culture to my life. (4 tickets for $99. DEAL or what?) Anyone want to join me?
  • The last movie I saw: Dallas Buyers Club. And how awful AIDS is. And how much tenacity Ron Woodruff (the character Matthew McConaughey played) had. (Reminds me of my dad in that regard. FIGHT TIL THE END.) And how much weight both Matthew and Jared Leto lost to play their roles. And how sad I felt after leaving the theatre. 

Jared Leto - skinny

Matthew McConaughey - skinny

  • And I'm thinking about the second-to-last movie I saw:

And how glad I am that there are writers who write great books. And how glad I am there is an entertainment industry that brings those books to life. 

  • And I'm thinking about the next movie I'm going to see. And how I will never stop supporting this industry. 
4. I am anticipating: 
  • A whole week off in December. And wondering what I'm going to do during those 9 days. Besides sleep til noon on at least 8 of them. OKFINE, all 9 of them. I'm a lazy cow.
  • My annual employee review this month. Gulp.
  • My annual complete and thorough physical exam with my doctor this month. Groan.
  • That all my stuff/crap/possessions will be delivered this week and stored in the basement here. 
  • Seeing a few movies. QUIT JUDGING ME. 
  • Seeing a musical play - Mary Poppins. How fun will this be?
  • Seeing my kids. At least once.
  • Seeing my dad. At least four times.
  • Seeing my ass get smaller as I continue to walk the hills.
  • I am anticipating that by the time this month is over the days will be getting longer. 
5. I am listening to:
  • The sound of silence. Not the song. 
  • The furnace kick in.
  • The trains in the distance. I like that sound.
  • Really wish I had a good soundtrack/playlist figured out for blogging nights. Anyone have any recommendations? 
  • OKFINE - Now I'm listening to Bells of 59 by Bedouin Soundclash.
6. I am eating:
  • It's 2:17 am. I am not eating. But I'm thinking about the food I'll be eating tomorrow. NEW TRADITION. This is the first year that I'm intentionally recognizing The Start of Advent; it might also be the last. It's kinda dependent on the kids showing up... Ham and Scalloped Potatoes and if they want to stick around for a bit after supper, we'll bake some Christmas favorites, and they can take it all home with them to share with their assorted roommates and friends. Fingers crossed. Could be great, or if they all have their periods, it could be a bust. Never can tell with my boys. 
  • If I WAS eating right now, it would not be a salad. In case you were wondering. 
7. I am reading:
  • The new Mary Lawson book. (Road Ends) 
  • Divergent. Again. In anticipation of the movie. (Coming out in the Spring.) 
  • Book of Luke, and book of Isaiah. In anticipation of, you know, the big event on the 25th.
  • The Giver. In anticipation of our December book club meeting.
8. I am happy about:

  • Just a sec. I have to go back to see what I was happy about in the past editions of "Currently" to inspire me. I'll be right back ... 
  • OK. Last month it was about lack of spiders, the way I feel when I drive down the hill towards this house, the way my mom decorates for Christmas and I don't have to, and Friday Night Lights. And the month before that, I was just 'happy about my life'. 
  • So. This month. Lessee: I am happy about surviving November. Actually, not just 'surviving' the month, but having a great month. It was stinkin' busy at work, but it was OK. And it was cold outside, but it was OK. And the days are getting awfully short, but there's still a lot of living to do in the dark. 
  • I'm also happy about the relationships I have. I am lucky.
  • And I'm happy that He loves me. And that I am forgiven. For both past and future shit. 
  • The job that I have and the people I work with. We just had an update on the work we're doing, and I am proud to be part of this amazing ministry. Show of hands, how many of you have listened to our radio programming? Or have heard an Adventures in Odyssey episode? Or read a Dr. Dobson book? I'm grateful. So very grateful.
9. I am praying for: 
  • Folks I love. And their friends.
  • Folks who are struggling with addiction issues - both drugs and alcohol.
  • The communities and organizations who support those with addiction issues.
  • Folks I love who don't know Jesus.
  • The pastors at Northview, The Village, Artisan, Westside and Southridge. 
  • A group of actors, directors, writers, producers etc in the entertainment industry. 
  • The city that is hosting the Olympics. And the city that is hosting the World Cup. 
  • The organization I work for. 

10. I am remembering:

  • Last year at this time. Oy. What a mess.
  • An evening I spent with one of my print vendors last month. I *thought I was there to be a source of light in her life. Hahaha. I was so wrong. This divine appointment was arranged so that she could lead by example, and show me a thing or two. We were in her car and had stopped at a busy intersection. There was someone standing forlornly with his hand out, looking for any spare change. She rummaged around in her purse looking for some coins. She emptied her wallet and gave him everything she had, looking him in the eye and saying God Bless as she handed it to him. And then she told me a story of how, a year ago, she was having a stupid busy day, and was running late, and hadn't eaten, and had a delivery to make, and it was raining and she needed to go pick up her kids and she was running on empty, and had to pee, so she stopped at a McDonald's to use the bathroom and buy herself a Cheeseburger meal with the last $1.75 in her wallet. As she walked out, she passed an old guy sitting against the building asking for spare change. "I couldn't eat my burger, knowing he was probably starving. I would've choked on it. He needed it more than I did. So I gave it to him and said, God Bless." 
         Since then? I give my change to that guy on the corner of 1st Ave and the freeway exit when I go into Vancouver to visit Clint. And yesterday? While eating my very first Quizno's meal? I didn't ignore the old guy that sat down beside me and asked me for my spare change. I just gave it to him. If she, who doesn't profess to be a Christian, can be giving and kind - I'm thinking I should too. 
         I still have a ways to go before I'll engage in conversation. Or even say God Bless. This is because I'm a schmuck and these things take time. Baby steps. 
         Hopefully someday I'll be a person I can be proud of. 

11. I am wishing:
  • that it wasn't almost 4 in the morning

K. That's it fer today. 

Advent starts today - tis the Season of Hope.

Shalom, friends.


Unknown said...

Your 2014 vacation time should be spent at least partially in Ontario... Maybe in June... or something. Wonderful things might be happening here this summer. Just sayin'.

Unknown said...

I love this post. And you, of course. <3