Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brain Dump

1. Things I would like to do in 2014: (not a totally comprehensive list. Will likely add to it over and over again, right up til Dec 31.)

  • learn how to make a You Tube play list
  • sync my phone to my laptop and figure out how to quickly change/upload music files
  • go to this: SERIOUSLY - Anne Lamott, Jon Acuff, Bob Goff and Donald Miller? THIS? Would be fantastic. I think.

  • walk the Vancouver Sun Run (10K Pffft. I can almost do that in my sleep...)
  • I really, really wish I could go to this: It would be amazeballs. (What am I? 13 years old?) SERIOUSLY! Diana Gabaldon, Ron Moore. Sam (Jamie) and Catriona (Claire)

  • I will plan my 2015 holidays around EVENTS, not sunshine. Maybe. 
  • Probably not. 
  • From my Nov 11 blog post: Things I want to do before my next birthday: Geocaching. Ziplining. Buy a place. Try out coconut oil. Get a massage. (HEY, lookit that! Already had that massage...)
  • Drop one more pant size.
  • Replace all my underwear.
  • Stay alive.

2. Things On My Mind:

  • I have had it Up To Here with unfaithful men. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE PAIN YOU ARE CAUSING? FFS, quit it. I have too many friends who are in that special kind of hell right now because of husbands who are 'starting over' with women (and don't get me started on these women) who are 15 - 20 years younger. 
  • I work for an organization dedicated to Helping Families Thrive. And currently? The projects I'm working on? Deal with the statistics and impact and the devastation that occurs in people's lives when the family unit is ripped apart due to divorce. No good thing comes from divorce, for many generations. The ripple effect just goes on and on and on. 
  • These are not happy thoughts on a wet, grey, miserable January day. 

3. This. And this is on my mind too:

    My favorite word in that verse?

    He can do way more than we could even imagine to ask for. 

    So that's good. 

    Three things I'm thankful for:

    1. Friends who make me laugh when I wallow in muck. Thanks, Facebook, for making those types of conversations possible. 

    2. Peach pie.

    3. Conversations with my dad tonight. He was relaxed and 'with it'. He had opinions and thoughts and memories and was very sweet. Thankful for visits like this. 


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