Thursday, January 30, 2014


January 2014 Edition:

These are the things that I am:

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,Reading,
Happy about,

I am currently thinking about filling in the blanks tomorrow night. 

So come back tomorrow if you're interested. 

In the meantime, I'm thankful for three things:

1. Three rainy days in a row. Three clear evenings in a row. When this happens it feels like a gift. So I walked. 

2. I'm thankful for my dentist. Man. That guy. 
"Jane! Is that you?"
"Uh, likewise..."
"How are you? What're you up to these days? How're your boys?"
"I'm fine. I've been working fulltime at Focus on the Family, and the kids are good."
"Focus on the Family? Wow. That's awesome. Just awesome."
"I guess just Drew's at home these days, eh? Clint and Max have moved out?"

and so on...

He peaked and poked inside my mouth after it had been x-rayed, cleaned, scaled, flossed and sparkled.

"Give me your tongue."
I open my mouth. I never know what to do with my tongue at the dentist's. There has been much talk over the years reagrding its size and inability to cooperate during procedures. If he wants my tongue, he's going to have to take it. I sure don't know how to hand it to him.

He grabs hold of it. And moves it to one side, then the other, then gives it a little tug, all the while sounding happy that I'm there. 

I'll be seeing alot more of him in the coming weeks... 
That front tooth that chipped on Drew's grad night (which was also the night we got robbed) is not doing well. The filling he gave me (for free, because I had just lost my job) is falling apart. So there's that.

And the other front tooth that fell out during my first week at Focus? The one that required me to have an emergency root canal? And a temporary crown put on? That tooth? Needs some love and attention and some money spent on it. 

So me and Dr. Lee will be seeing alot of each other this winter. 
Good thing I feel like a princess when I go there. A drooling, frozen-faced, puffy-lipped princess, but royalty regardless.

3. I am thankful that God answers prayers about sick cars as well as sick people. 
I took my truck back in today for the diagnosis. (It was leaking/spraying oil all over the place when I took it in for a lube and oil last week, so they suspected a blown head gasket. 

They cleaned it up and put some sort of dye in it's system and today they were going to black-light it to see what exactly the problem was.) 

I don't think I've ever prayed for my truck's health before.
But today I did. 
"God? Please? Could it not be the head gasket? Could it be something littler?"

It was the oil pan and something else/blahblah. 
And phew.

Maybe I'll pray for a new front tooth to magically grow in that recently vacated spot.


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Poplarhillfarm said...

You inspired me to pray for my Vibe tonight. Thank you. The car is dying regularly.