Sunday, January 12, 2014


  • AFTER 6 STRAIGHT DAYS OF RAIN, it stopped this evening. So for the first time this week, I went for a walk. At 11 pm. And I didn't get murdered. So that was good. And I smiled the entire time. 

  • Right now? While I'm blogging? I'm listening to this: The Outlander Fan Gathering, recorded from this afternoon's live event with Ron Moore; writer and producer, Diana Gabaldon; author, and Cait and Sam; actors (Claire and Jamie). (Not sure how long that link of the question period is going to be available.) I am in awe at how they are promoting this series.... this was a fan event - 6 months before the show is going to air. Thousands of people showed up for the sold out event - and tens of thousands watched online. After the Q and A period fans could meet the fab 4 for autographs and photos. My twitter and facebook feeds? NOTHING BUT OUTLANDER today. Listening to this is making me smile. Alot. I love the respect they have for each other and for the skills that they each bring to the production. I'm smiling because it's Diana's birthday and everyone sang happy birthday. I'm smiling because they have bagpipes, and the audience is appreciative. I'm smiling because I just watched the trailer. And I CAN HARDLY WAIT to watch the 16 part series. And I love that the producer was in Vancouver, wrapping up Battlestar Gallactica and asked his wife, "What do you think our next project should be?" And she handed him the books and said, "this."  

A critic wondered what has caused this “insanity” among females. “I”m tempted to point to him,” Diana Gabaldon said, pointing to the kilted Sam Heughan. “It’s Jamie, rather than Sam,” she clarified.”He is the focus. It’s the entire story. They love Claire, they identify with Clarie, they want to be Claire. But they want to lick him.”

  • And I'm smiling because they just announced that they're doing one more fan event. In June. IN SEATTLE. I? Am going. 

  • OK. Moving on. The rest of this post will not be about Outlander. Promise. I recently smiled my way through a movie. This one: 

I smiled because of the way he zones out and imagines an alternate reality in the middle of his normal life. I DO THAT! Especially when I'm walking. Sometimes when I'm working. And always when I'm 'sleeping in' on the weekends. And I love that he experiences some 'what if' questions... and how they impact his life. And change the trajectory... I just smiled and smiled. And then shed a tear or two at the end because that's what I do. I just found the movie to be fun and random and not to be taken too seriously, but inspiring none-the-less. 

  • And I'm smiling because I drove the brand new Perimeter Hwy today. And it was awesome. We went from Surrey to the ferry terminal and it only took half an hour. I highly recommend it. And I'm smiling because I was on BC Ferries again today ...

... only it wasn't smooth sailing. The waters? Were rough. And the winds were fierce. And the rain? Was torrential. But it didn't really matter. Sue and I were prepared. We each had a book, so we sat in the lounge and read. The time, it just flew by.

Our reason for going over to the island was to attend a funeral in Victoria. And I'm glad we went. I didn't know Faye's dad's story at all, so it was fascinating learning about him. For example, when he was 19, he took a train across the country (it took 3 weeks) and then took a ship (The Aquitania) across the ocean (it took 4 weeks) to get from Victoria to London to compete in the 1948 Olympics for track (running). (Interestingly, my 12 year old dad crossed from Europe to Canada ON THE VERY SAME SHIP, probably during that same year.)  

D'ya got a minute?
I'm smiling again. 
Just googled Aquitania and thought I'd pass along some fun facts:

The Aquitania was the last surviving four-funnelled ocean liner and was widely considered one of the most attractive ships of her time, earning her the nickname: Ship Beautiful.  

My dad was an impressionable 12 year old when he was on this ship. The mouldings, columns, ornate fixtures and elegant styling had a lasting impact on him. (Have you seen the dining room or media room in this last house he built? You can see the influence this ship had on his design choices...) The ship's interior was designed and decorated by the same firm that did The Ritz Hotel in London. 

(Random trivia - this ship was launched (born) on April 21. Clint was launched on the exact same date.)

In the wake of the Titanic disaster, the Aquitania was one of the first ships to carry enough lifeboats for all passeners and crew. 

From Wikipedia: 
During the 1920s Aquitania became one of the most popular liners on the North Atlantic route. As times grew better, Aquitania became one of the most profitable ocean liners ever. The American restriction on immigration in the early Twenties ended the age of mass emigration from Europe, but as ocean travel was the only means of transportation between the continents, the express liners survived and even surpassed old records. Some of the big money now came in from movie stars and royalty, other aristocracy and politicians. Aquitania became their favourite, as the 1920s became one of the most profitable ages in ocean travel history.
This ended following the stock market crash of 1929, and many ships were affected by the economic downturn and reduced traffic. Aquitania found herself in a tough position. Only a few could afford expensive passage on her now, so Cunard sent Aquitania on cheap cruises to the Mediterranean. These were successful, especially for Americans who went on "booze cruises," tired of their country's prohibition.

After completing troopship service, for both world wars, the vessel was handed back to Cunard in 1946, and was used to transport war bridesand their children to Canada under charter from the Canadian government.

On completion of that task in December 1949, "Aquitania" was taken out of service when the ship's Board of Trade certificate was not renewed as the condition of the ship had reached a stage where the age and condition was becoming too old to be economical and too expensive to be brought into line with safety standards of the day.

So my dad, and Faye's dad, probably sailed on back to back sailings during it's final year of service. How cool is that?

Anyway, back to the funeral.
I love hearing people's stories. 
And his was a good one. And while it's always sad saying goodbye to someone you love, there was so much peace in that building today. And hope. And even joy. 

He's in heaven with Jesus and is loving it. 

Faye and her gorgeous girls. Bailey, Michaela and Tessa.)

By the way, Faye asked me to take photos today. So don't get all bunched up because I had my camera out at a funeral.

Also? Bailey is pregnant with twin boys. Faye? Has twin brothers. 

So, yes. 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Drew is off to Mexico with the Stapletons tomorrow. So happy that he gets to spend time with them. 

2. Outlander Fan Event. IN SEATTLE...

3. Smile-filled days.


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I'm thankful that you are happy and smiling.