Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Three Things

I am thankful for three things. Maybe more. Let's see where this ends up.

1. I am thankful for friends who text me during the day and say, "I'm cooking. Wanna come over for supper?" And then that meal? Which she threw together like it was No Big Deal? Ended up being exactly perfect. Pulled pork on toasted rolls.

2. I am thankful for friends who, knowing my general dislike for vegetables, whip up homemade dressing for a Caesar Salad for me/us that tasted divine. ("I know you don't like too many weird things in your salad, so I kept it simple...")

3. I am thankful for the conversation that accompanied that meal of pulled pork and salad. I am thankful she wasn't afraid to wade into the deeper waters of friendship and talk about some difficult topics.

4. I am thankful for creative folks. Not only folks who can do magical things with music and words and their faces and their voices and film, but also with random ingredients in their fridge. I asked her for the pulled pork recipe. "Oh, I just looked to see what I had around here. And threw in something salty, something savory, something sweet, something spicy... you know. Just anything..."

"Actually, no, I don't know. Tell me exactly. What do you remember throwing in the crock pot this morning?"

"Ok, well, I started with half a thing of ketchup, and some worchestershire sauce, and for something salty, some soya sauce. You can use anything for something sweet - like brown sugar, honey. I used up some fig jam that didn't taste very good..."

"YOU WHAT? You just threw in fig jam? And why would you even have fig jam.? How did you know it was going to taste OK in the pulled pork?"

"I figured it'd be OK...."

I am in total awe of people who can do this. And I have mad respect for people who are bold enough to do this on an evening when they've invited someone to dinner.

5. I am thankful that Drew gets to spend this week in Mexico with Danica and her family.

6. Thankful that God has gone ahead. He's already there. People, His people, have been handpicked and are ready and waiting.

7. I am more than thankful, I am relieved that two of the projects I've been babysitting at work, finally got the GOOD TO PRINT approval this afternoon. I am thankful for the BIG project this year and am excited to blab on about it here. But not yet. So thankful that I work for an organization that is dedicated to helping families.

8. I am thankful for our two new designers. WHOA. Such skill. LOVE, love, love what they're bringing to the team.

9. Thankful for friends who, despite having sinus infections, want to walk under a full moon with you because walking on clear evenings when the temp is 9 degrees is too awesome for words.

10. Giddy with thankfulness that there is no rain forecast (according to that weather app on my phone) for the next seven days.

11. Thankful for friends and their app advice... LAST weekend, on the island, Heather suggested the Sleep Talk app that recorded my snoring. And THIS weekend, on the other end of the same island, (really, I haven't been to Vancouver Island in years and years, and now, in 2014, I've been there, two weekends in a row) Sue sold me on the Jesus Calling app. I recommend both.

And that's it fer now. Eleven things.

Shalom, friends.

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