Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pee Vee. Day 5

Sitting here, in the dark, with a noisy gecko for company, feeling awfully lucky.
At 11 pm Sandra and I went for a walk. It was 24 degrees out.
When we got back at midnight we went for a swim. In the dark. While everyone in the entire world was sleeping.

(Yes. We put bathing suits on.)

I think this is the first time I've gone on a vacation with 5 other women all sharing the same living space. (Well, 5 women plus one man.) You can't really prepare for that.

Know what?
It's good.

We all have our own specialties. Everyone brings something to the table. Our dynamics are working out perfectly...
For example: Shelly loves to bake.
And Terry loves to clean.
And Sandra loves to give massages.
And I love to sleep in late and spend the afternoon in the pool. (Yeah, I'm not sure how anyone benefits from my contributions...)

I also love to capture moments.
So that's something. Right?

(Facebook album has been updated again. Check it out here.)

We've been doing alot of talking.
I'm sure this doesn't surprise you.

Alot of wisdom gets shared when women-folk chat. It's like we process things best when our mouths are moving. Men should really listen in sometimes. Because we can be profound.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Wayne and Rose are grandparents again.
This is their grandson, born THIS MORNING at 12:03 am

2. Wayne's willingness to drive us around, cheerfully, after a day at work. We've been spoiled by such gracious hosts.

3. Thankful that Sandra is a patient roommate and doesn't appear to mind my stupidity re: everything related to sharing a room, a bathroom, and a bed.

4. Thankful for the gifts my travelmates have. Conversation, meals, activities ... everything has been So Good because they share so freely.

5. Thankful for the sound of the water fountain in the courtyard beside me right now.
6. Thankful for the effective ceiling fan in the bedroom.
7. Thankful that Danica trimmed my bangs the night before I came here.
8. Thankful that Drew is looking after the oil and lube on my dad's truck while I'm gone.
9. Thankful for Mexican food. It is all so yummy. 
10. Thankful for avacadoes, and tomatoes, and chocolate bars and cheesecake and mangoes and safe drinking water.
11. Thankful that everyone takes Visa.
12. Thankful that Mark invented Facebook. It is the best communication device on the planet right now. Had five significant conversations tonight with folks back home. 
13. Thankful for friends who send me messages asking me to pray. What a stinkin privilege that is.
14. Thankful for my job and how everything seems to be ticking along nicely in my absence.
15. Thankful for good books. Got 3 on the go right now. Enjoying them all.
16. Thankful for skin that tans and hair that bleaches. 
17. Thankful that I can chat with God all day long and He doesn't get sick of my banter.
18. Thankful that He has a plan. And it's a good one.
19. Thankful for answered prayer. Miracles. Second chances. And grace.


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