Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eyeballs and Nasal Passages - BOTH ON FIRE

And the itching. Deep inside my head. Oh the itching.

I need this to end already.

Today is the last day I've allowed myself to whine about it.
And mostly I'm doing it (whining and writing about it) for my future great granddaughter who will come across this blog when she does a report on Life in the Turn of the Century. She will have lived her entire life never having had a cold (because between then and now someone will have figured out a vaccine) so the idea would be foreign and fascinating to her. It's my duty to accurately portray just how miserable a person with a stuffed up nose and burning/watery eyes feels. I take this (the reporting of The Impact of a Cold on a Person's Ability to Function) very seriously.

And yes. I feel like a complete ass for whining about a stuffed up face while people are fighting cancer. You don't have to comment. I have beat myself up sufficiently.


How y'all doing with lenting?
I suck at it.
I always do.
I tend to pick something that is Really Hard to sacrifice. So the early days of Lent are always a challenge.
So, yeah. I cheated. (I've been sick. My resistance is low. I am a weak woman.)
But I'm back at it.
Fingers crossed this'll be a better week for being strong.

And know what?
I DIDN'T finish a book yesterday. So hard to read when your eyes are burning up. Just sayin.

I DID start watching Season One of Elementary with my mom last night. Interesting to see their interpretation of NA meetings. Smallish gatherings with sad people struggling with addiction. Which is totally unlike the meetings in New West, which are large, loud and positive. They are filled with energetic young people who are excited about living in recovery.

Speaking of NA, we're coming up to Max's THREE years clean date: March 27. Every Single Day I am overwhelmed with gratitude for his decision to get help.


Also thankful for the opportunity Clint has this week to be involved with the TED conference that's taking place in Vancouver, His business partner, Adam, texted him this afternoon saying, "I am in the same room as Bill Gates, Al Gore and Sting."


Got a sec? Read this. Written by men who don't cheat: 31 Reasons Why Men Don't Cheat.


MAN. It's hot in this house. I don't know how many more clothes I can take off. I should blog outside. In the rain. On the deck. Where there is likely a cool wind. Bet that would feel good on my eyes and nose too.


Are you wondering what my Song of the Day is today? No? Why not?

Really good news today posted today on Brenda's journal. I read it and started crying. (Unrelated but worth mentioning, I've gone through a whole box of kleenex today, blowing my nose.)


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I'm in awe of smart people. And organized people. I love this project: "The Theater at TED2014 smells incredible. That’s because it was constructed of Douglas Fir, harvested locally in the Pacific Northwest, and assembled on-site in Vancouver, Canada, over the past four and a half days. See, the Vancouver Convention Centre is perfect for TED—it’s beautifully designed, environmentally friendly, and has sweeping views of Vancouver bay and North Shore Mountains. However, it didn’t have a theater. That meant that TED got to build our own, designing the ultimate space for giving and watching talks."

Watch this time-lapsed video of how it got put together this week:

And read the rest of the article here.

2. Sun Rype Blue Label Apple Juice



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