Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Over Already?

Weekends just whizz by.

And this one didn't turn out anything like I expected seeing how as the weather app on my phone indicated THAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO RAIN FOR TWO SOLID DAYS.

And it did not.

I anticipated doing indoor activities.
Instead I walked waaaaay more than expected:

Friday night's walk. (OK, let's agree to call this a HIKE.)
Then Saturday night's walk.
Then Sunday afternoon's walk.
And then again Sunday night, late, walk with Mandi.

All this walking?
Equals a crazy appetite.
I've gained 10 pounds since Easter.

I should get my mouth wired shut.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Well, obviously, I'm thankful for the sunshine. And it's effect on the area behind the kitchen sink:

2. And I'm thankful, so thankful, that I get to live in this ridiculously beautiful corner of the world.

3. I am thankful for Jeff. And messages like this one. It's the one he preached Easter 2014. Not your typical Easter sermon. We all have expectations for how God should be. People choose not to be followers, not because they don't believe He actually exists, but because they're disappointed in who He is. He's not who they expect Him to be... 


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