Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Start of a New Week:

Conversations like this (about a shade of the color red) are why I love my job:

Her: I chose Pantone 032U because it brings a tone of urgency but is balanced with an inspiring call to action with playfulness.
She: Is pantone 185 too girly? ... wee bit coral-ish but still bold...
Her: A darker red would be too serious.
She: I like it. 032 is soft, warm, It says, "be bold - but don't panic".


Every colour chosen is done so for a reason. Every font. Every image. Every size. Every THING in a design is weighed and measured.

Not just at the Creative Department at Focus, but in Creative Departments all over the world.
Book covers, magazine ads, packaging, labels. Websites. Landing pages. Signs. Everything.

I love the attention to detail.


This man's statement is the voice I've heard in my head for years and years ... I have believed him to be a spokesman for all men:

"Your body is too wrinkly," he said without a pause. "I have spoiled myself over the years with young women. I just can't get excited with you. I love your energy and your laughter. I like your head and your heart. But, I just can't deal with your body."

This article didn't surprise me.

I'm proud of how she handled it. And what she learned from the experience. But in the end? She's a 59 year old woman with (from where I'm sitting) a pretty awesome body, and alone.


I was at Terry's tonight. She has the best yard for summer evenings:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Slow, relaxing, gentle Monday evenings. Thanks. Ter.

2. Artsy folks.

3. Books.


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