Friday, July 11, 2014

TBT and #ThreeThings

Throwback Thursday:

This is Mandi in 2006 at White Rock beach with Drew. They'd been skimboarding with Clint and his Stillwood Camp friends.

Their skim boards were made by my dad out of oak cabinet door skins and arborite. My dad made everything out of arborite.

Thinking of her today, off on her adventure... she left for Alberta yesterday. Where she hopes to live.

I went for a walk tonight and couldn't text her with my one word invite, "walk?"

Praying that God is leading her to the place He has handpicked for her.

And this is Clint, skimboardin'. 
He was a natural. 

He was at the beach with all his camp friends, but was totally OK about me bringing his cousins and brothers to join him. He was "Eastwood" in those days ...

Thinking of Clint tonight because I got two texts from him this afternoon.
First one was to tell me that his office space's rent is going to double/possibly triple because of an increase in property taxes. 
Second one was to tell me he'd just heard from his landlord. The house he's renting is going up for sale.


He's not 19 anymore.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. God's got a plan re: Clint. Feels like Aslan is on the move. 
2. I live in a house with air conditioning. Its comfortably cool in my room.
3. Six months ago it took me two hours to walk 10,000 steps. Tonight I did it in ONE hour. Why is my ass still fat? 


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