Monday, July 7, 2014

Where Did It Go?

Many not-sunny days in a row.
What's that all about?

Summer. Do not let me down...

The plan for Friday evening after work was to climb to Dog Mountain on Mount Seymour. A two hour hike that we could easily do before it got dark.

And then it started to rain.

But we went anyway.

We are not made of sugar.

But by the time we got to the parking lot at the top, it was pretty grey and socked in. Is there any point in hiking to a look-out when there won't be anything to see? Yes, we decided. There still was a point.


The parking lot was empty.

There was not one single car parked there.

Which would mean that we would be:

  • the only hikers on the trail
  • the onlyfood available for bears. 
We are brave.
But not that brave.

So we turned around, left the mountain and ended up at Ambleside. I'd never been before, so we can now cross that one off the bucket list.

It rained lightly. Just enough to straighten my bangs and ruin my visibility. But other than that? Twas a lovely seawall walk.

Oh wait.
I forgot to mention the skunks.

On our walk.
I think I was more afraid of them *right there, only a few feet from us, than I was of the bears earlier this summer.

What if one sprayed me?
How would I get the smell out?
How would I have gotten home?
Who would ever love me again?

For the record, this was the first time I'd ever seen a skunk. I kinda thought they were creatures, like koala bears, that lived in someone else's corner of the earth. I was not happy to have one walk across my path. Even less happy when a few minutes later, another one showed up.

They remind me of big, ugly rodents. Like possums. Or rats. Or raccoons.

I am not a fan of wildlife is what I'm saying.

My Friday night adventures are revealing parts of my personality that are not pretty. Or socially acceptable. Sigh.

Lovely seawall. 

Why is it that everyone community in the lower mainland has a pretty seawall except Surrey? Come on Surrey. That Fraser River has a bank you could totally beautify.

A fun Dr. Suess-like playground.

This building stunned me.
SO retro.
So '60's.
So belongs in Florida.

In case you were wondering, there was a skunk in amongst those flowers.

I know, right?

I feel awfully lucky.
About many things. But especially about having friends who are up for exploring.

Haha. Like going for a walk along a seawall is exploring.

Not everyone wants to drive across town to walk in the rain.

God was pretty creative when it came to flowers.

Well, He was pretty creative with animals too.

And I guess with people.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I've got my truck back!
I drove it tonight and it just felt right. It fits me.

2. I went to hear Ravi Zacharias speak tonight at TWU. And I am so thankful for smart, inspiring, encouraging leaders. His life story is fascinating and his work is having an impact on this generation.  Privileged to have been able to hear him tonight. Thankful I have friends who are interested in attending events like this with me.

3. Thankful for friends who are open to last minute changes. We were supposed to walk around Vancouver on Saturday night, but the rain (sigh. SUMMER. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?) amongst other things had us altering our plans. We walked around Aldergrove Lake Park instead. Which? Is very pretty.

Aldergrove Lake Park

Aldergrove Lake Park

Also thankful for Val's kids:

One of them in travelling in Bali and is blogging her adventures. Read this and feel glad that you are not travelling with an infant. Hahaha.

And the other one(s) JUST HAD A BABY GIRL! Welcome to the world, Anika Marie. Can hardly wait to meet you ...

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