Friday, August 29, 2014

A Couple of Stuffs

1. I googled my name tonight and searched for images. Doesn't hurt to see what kind of pics of me are floating around on the internet.
This is the first page:(click to enlarge)

Yes, those are mostly not images of me.
Jenn, Ali, Claire, Shannon, Mandi, Drew, Danica ...
Diana Gabaldon! Sam and Cait! (Jamie and Claire in Outlander)
Many strangers.
And oh yes. A selfie of me. The silly one; the one with the teeth.
And lookie there. My obsession (list from journal) is front and centre. What the heck.
Internet. You are so random.

And when I added my maiden name to the search bar?
My ex's pics got added to the mix.

What? Me?
Slow night?
Nothing to do?
What gives you that idea?


Are you on Instagram?
Can I follow you? Let me know your account name and I'll hunt you down.
My account link is over there - on the side -------->
(Mostly sunsets, to be honest.)

For a list of cool instragram accounts, check out this list.
I've decided to follow a few of them.
Love the creativity.


Today is Brenda's birthday.

Seeing it's her special day, I thought I'd ask all my readers to pray for her today...
Here is her post and prayer requests:

I awakened early this morning  (it was still quite dark outside) due to discomfort. This drove me to prayer right away. Isn't that an interesting thing? Discomfort brings most of us to our knees...especially unresolvable discomfort. Having anything going on that is beyond my scope to manage, puts me into a praying mood. Prayer is the best way for me to manage the unmanageable. 

So here is is how I am 'managing' today - first, five blessings then my concerns:

1. SO grateful to have a God in my life who knows me, who loves me, who cares for me, and who gives me hope.  Where would I be today without Him? Even my active imagination won't let me go there.

2. Where would I be without my family? My husband who can't do enough for me, my mom who packed up her life in Penticton to move in with me, my grown kids who bring laughter and tenderness to my heart, my grandkids who bring joy and remind me what it is to trust, my brother and sisters who bring comfort and a sense of 'normal' to this journey (in spite of their concern), and my extended family who are so supportive and encouraging. 

3. My 'close-in' friends who are there for me. They are a constant source of blessing - practical, emotional, and spiritual. They inspire me. 

4. My church. Even though I'm not there physically yet, I'm tracking activity, services, sermons, and I'm praying. I love and miss these people. 

5. The natural beauty all around me that make daily walks pure joy. Breathtaking!

Here's a list of the health-related things I'm praying about. It is my practice to voice my concerns, fears and tears once and thereafter to pray in faith and gratitude. I trust God is 'on it.'

1. Pain in my right chest and lung area, which makes it challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

2. This pain limits some movement as well. 

3. Low grade headaches and dizziness which may be more related to mastoid effusion (fluid in the air pockets of bone behind the ears) which showed up on my last MRI. 

4. My digestive system has improved but still suffers from time to time. This is an unfortunate side effect of my chemo treatment. It means I need to think and plan carefully everything that I eat.. my carefree eating days are long gone :)

5. I have bursts of energy but I deplete quickly. I know many people with cancer who work full or part time jobs and seem carry on with life as usual. I am in awe. That simply is not my story but more of a longing. 

My next oncology appointment is September 3rd, when all of the above will be discussed and I know that God will lead the way. Thank you for praying with me. I hope I'm not taking the scripture passage too much out of context, but it spoke to my soul. 

Isaiah 57:18-19 (CEV)

I know what you are like! But I will heal you, lead you, and give you comfort, until those who are mourning start singing my praises. No matter where you are, I, the Lord, will heal you and give you peace.


Guess what!?
I'm (likely) going to meet Tricia of Daily Observations next month!
I'll be in Florida, which is only a 9 hour drive from where she currently lives, in Asheville NC.
I finally make it to Florida just after she moves away.

Tricia, with husband, Brewer and grandson, Oliver

Back when we both started blogging, when dinosaurs still roamed on earth, 
I stumbled across her blog and started following her. On National Delurking Day, I commented/introduced myself, and we've been blogging buddies/faebook friends ever since.

A few years ago, we had a photography mash up blog - that was fun ... 
Right Coast - Left Coast. Take a peak. 
It'll give you a glimpse into the differences/similarities in our lives. 

Oh internet. 
I really do love you.


I've just started following Huffington Post on twitter. Holy cow they post alot of links. 
Like every few minutes. A bit overwhelming. 
Nevertheless, this list was a good one for me to look at:
They're right. Those are the movies I want to see...


And lastly, here's a bunch of headshots/photos of women, in their 50's and 60's (?) 
who used to be playboy bunnies. Everyone ages.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Airmiles. (Cheap/free flights this fall.)

3. Tank tops.

4. Long weekends because:


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