Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Amazing things:

1. I visited Sue in the hospital this evening (which is a little bit amazing. I suck at stuff like this) who is recovering from emergency surgery. Her appendix burst. (It's amazing/annoying to me that they made her wait an extra day, to see if the pain would subside...) But the amazing thing that I wanted to blog about is the man in the bed beside her (I have feelings about this. Call me prudish, but I think male and female patients should not share rooms) WHO HAS BEEN MARRIED TO HIS WIFE FOR 70 YEARS. I love that. 70 years. Way to go, folks. So inspiring.

What a legacy to leave.
What obstacles they must have overcome.
What a testament to commitment.

That's going to be my prayer for my kids. Marriages that last 70 years. Hope they're happy ones. OKFINE. I'll pray that those 70 year marriages will be love-filled and laughter-filled. My grandchildren will grow up in households with both their moms and their dads living with them. Amen.

2. The other amazing thing? I saw a flaming fireball fall to earth while I was out walking tonight. It was incredibly awesome and so bright and maybe a little bit scary and completely surreal. Felt like I was on another planet in a Star Wars movie. Or something. I wasn't the only person who saw it.

It was brighter than the street lights, which is why it caught my attention. And it was WAY bigger than an airplane. It was the size of a small moon. And it zipped across the sky, leaving a huge, colourful tail behind it.

Never seen anything like it in my life.

And I'm old.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Hospitals. Doctors.
2. The night sky.
3. Gentleness.

Shalom friends.
Peace to you.

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Robin said...

I agree with you Jane, that women and men shouldn't share hospital rooms.