Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Day. Same ol' Beach.

Back to Crescent Beach tonight...

Six of us had tickets to see A Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare); presented by Beach House Theatre.

Photo Credit: Tracy Posoukh

(1,2,3,4 ,,,)

Photo Credit: Tracy Posoukh

(5, and 6)

You should see it if you like Shakespeare.
Or if you like comedy.
Or if you're stuck for a date idea.
Or if you like to support the arts.
Or if you're open to trying new things.
Or if you can't afford Bard on the Beach.
Or you don't want to drive all the way into Vancouver.
Or if you like sitting in tents.

Photo Credit: Tracy Posoukh

These two?
Did an amazing job.

As did this guy:

We laughed. And laughed.
(It was a comedy.)

A perfect evening.
So thankful for friends who organize things.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Avocados. And tomatoes. And talented people. 

2. Late night conversations with people in different cities, different time zones, different circumstances.

3. NO cavities at today's cleaning and check up. So that's a good thing. However there is that pesky thing with my gums and bones... going to a specialist tomorrow... Fingers crossed that it won't be a big deal.

4. Thankful for folks who visit my dad. Thanks, Ruth, Tony, Tim ...

Photo Credit: Ruth Green

Photo Credit: Ruth Green

Shalom, friends, from Siri and I:

Photo Credit: Ruth Green

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