Monday, August 25, 2014

Lined, coiled, notebooks

I love notebooks.
Especially ones with lines.
Actually, ONLY ones with lines.
Not a fan of the blank page.

And I love them if they're coil bound.
I always have one on the go.
(As in, I've always got a current one on hand in which to jot down notes. Lists. Passwords. Important facts. And whatnot.)

And then when I'm done?

I throw them away.

(After I transfer anything worth saving to my new notebook.)

This is all very fascinating, yes?
(Had to post something. Can't have that post filled with selfies be the thing you see when you come visit.)

So. Today was Transfer Day.
I'd already started the new notebook awhile ago, but today I transferred some notes over. And will toss the old one.
Want to watch?
It's fascinating:

Old Notebook

New Notebook

Sample list

I re-read that list and wondered why I had written it?
Who was I describing?

And oh my goodness. This list:

For the record, the first list is how the staff at Kinsemen Lodge described my dad 3 months after he arrived to live there.
The second list? Describes my screen crush/obsession.

Oh yes.
I write these things down.
And then throw them away.
Unless, of course, I blog about them.

My old notebook also contained lists of places to consider buying:

(And movies to see...)

(Is anyone even still reading?)

Should I post another picture of my teeth?


And then there's the sermon/lecture notes.
Just seems wrong to throw those out. Nuggets of pure wisdom, those.

This thought will stay with me for awhile:

Why does the farmer sow the seed? With a view to THE HARVEST. They don't throw a party when the seed first "takes". It's the end that counts. Not the beginning.

Lots of good stuff on this page...

And ...

  • Childhood is a mad dash to adulthood. And adults long to go back to childhood. What is the perfect age? What is the perfect hour? (for the record, it's been suggested, that for most people, the perfect age is between 19 and 23)

How about for you? What was your perfect age?

Also, from that notebook page?

  • It is God who does the work. Our job? Just to be His children.

  • I can only answer the question "What am I to do?" if I can answer the prior question of "What story/stories do I find myself a part of?"

Also, my mom bought her new-to-her used car this weekend. 
It's a Ford Fusion:


This is where I live, by the way:

(in the basement.)
Yes, it's lovely.

Back to my notebooks?

Just a few more:

Our objections to the Christian faith are mostly emotional. Not factual. The real plague is not our current situation, it's our sin. And He has the end in mind- not just our current discomfort/pain. He loves us enough to make sure we're equipped to handle life's storms. 

Despite your best efforts to fight it, whether you're made of iron or clay - He WILL mold you. He is the master potter, and you are His work. 

Are your expectations of God unfulfilled, because perhaps, you had the wrong expectations?

Oh, I also have another notebook:
(This one I won't throw away. It's a keeper. Some day my great granddaughter will be fascinated by it's contents.)

It's the Ofam Birthday Journal.
Every year, starting now, on our birthdays, we will fill out a page with the following info:

Topics may change as we age. 
It's just supposed to be a snapshot of who we are on our birthdays. On the left page, I'll attach a current pic of birthday person. The right page will have their write up.

Good idea, no?

So far, the first birthday person refused to fill out his page. So it'll remain empty this year. 

As my family expands by marriage and birth, other's will get pages to fill out too. 

I have faith that eventually the boys will come on board with this. Might be a few years with no entries. Other than mine. Oh well. I guess that says something too. 


In the evening, after I get back from my night walk, I sit on that white wicker chair on the front deck. In case you're wondering. 


Time to end this post. 
Thanks for popping by.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Outlander started tonight. (In Canada.) I teared up during the opening credits. Then got goosebumps when I saw the word "SASSENACH" on screen. Thankful that my mom is recording the episodes on her PVR. (And can I say something? I haven't watched a TV show in over a year. HOW DO PEOPLE NOT GO MENTAL WITH ALL THE COMMERCIALS?) Thankful that Jenn and I were able to chat through the whole thing via facebook. Twice. We watched it at 7 pm, then again at 10. 

2. Perfect temperature for night walking. Feels like summer is over though. Dark by 8:30. Sad about that.

3. Brownies. With cream cheese icing. 


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