Saturday, August 2, 2014

Og Ust Firsst

Today was the first of August.
Aka - Halfway Through The Summer

I spent it in Vancouver at Kits Beach with a friend.
Where, it was kinda cloudy/overcast all day. But we sat on the beach, regardless.

It? Was all kinds of awesome.
I love people watching. And there were so many people to watch.

We drove around Stanley Park, then parked at English Bay and watched the sun set from the patio at Milestones. It was spectacular. (Both the meal and the show.)
The sky was mostly grey throughout the evening because of the cloud cover. But then, as the sun was setting, the sky exploded with color. Breathtaking.

We joined the thousands of folks on the beach to watch the show. Twas amazing.

We ended the evening by walking along the sea wall.

A perfectly perfect day.
There are days that I just feel so lucky. Today was another one of them.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Flex days. And friends who share them with me.

2. Long weekends. Long weekends in the summer. Long weekends in the summer when the forecast is for sunshine. Long weekends in the summer when the forecast is for sunshine and there's a good chance your kids will join you at the lake for a few hours.

3. Grilled seafood salads at Milestones.


Hi God.

What a show.

What an incredible display of your love of colour.
We strolled through that explosion of colour and It. Was. Magical.

Thanks for sunsets.
I mean, I guess the sun could just set by slinking away, but, this idea of yours? For it to go out with a bang? Is brilliant.

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you.

Thank you for this life. 

Thank you for my kids, my family, my friends, my job, my bed, thank you for picking this time in history for me to live. Thanks for not placing me in Africa in the 1500's. I appreciate that You decided it'd be better to have me living in 21 century. 

And God?
Thank you for your patience with us.
We are such nobs sometimes.
Well, most times.

Thank you for not giving up on us.
Thank you for second, third, fourth chances.

Thank you for going about Your business, and using us to get it done.
Thanks for including us, and letting us be a part of the work You are doing.

Thank you for writing our stories.
You're a creative author. So many twists and unexpected plot re-directions in our lives.
I love that.
I love that nothing is predictable. You've always got surprises in store for us, the main characters.

Thank you for being so attentive to the details.
You think of everything.

You know all those people I'm praying for?

Can you do your thing in their lives today? I pray your will be done.
Have at 'er.
Just go ahead and do what needs to be done; heal, give hope, encourage, protect, woo, call, claim, forgive, speak to, flood with peace, answer, reveal, direct, guide, restore, love...

Be real personal about it, OK?

Like, make it unmistakably from You.

For those who have broken hearts and shattered relationships, I pray you would fill them with hope.

For those who have broken bodies and unsound minds, I pray you heal them.

For those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, I pray you would direct their paths straight to someone who can help. I pray you would bring someone alongside, so they know they're not alone. Thank you for going ahead and having plans in place.

I pray you would give wisdom to those who are mentoring, counselling and sponsoring.

I pray your will be done. Your will be done.

For those who are needing work.
Can you handpick their next job?
Can it be something perfect for them?
Something that will be meaningful and purpose-filled.

Something that will allow them to stretch and grow?
Something that is a great fit for the best use of the gifts and talents you've given them?

God. You created the concept of work. It's not a punishment - its a part of your purpose for our lives. Could you guide them to a position that is part of your plan for their lives.

And then? Can you do mighty things through them at that job?
Wow them with what they can accomplish.

Also, can you strengthen the bonds in our families?
Inspire us to treasure our family ties.
Open our eyes to see each other more clearly and more lovingly.
Give us an extra measure of patience when we're fed up.
Give us insight and compassion with each other.

Remind us to forgive.

And when we get together, protect us from evil. And remind us to laugh.

God I pray for our leaders. In businesses. In politics. In churches.
Give them wisdom. Lots of it.

Prompt them to pray for it themselves.
Provide them with wise counsel.
Surround them with men and women of your choosing.
I pray your will be done.

God? Please send your angels there. Protect the innocent.
Give wisdom to those in power.
May your peace overflow in that place.

I think we need a miracle over there.

And God?
Thanks for loving us.
We pretty much don't deserve it.

Thank you for doing far more than I could imagine or guess or request in my wildest dreams.

Thank you for working in us, gently.
Thank you for accomplishing great and mighty things through us.

Thank you for being God.


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