Friday, September 19, 2014

Three, 3, III

1,2,3 Things I'm thankful for:

  • Book Club on Monday night. We talked about this book. And how it's sad that people (in this case a married couple) avoid the hard conversations because of the impact it will have on the relationship. True, once you open up a can of worms, you can't be sure of the conclusion. It could all go terribly awry, with an even larger rift resulting.  BUT, it's worth the risk, because things? Could get substantially better. And the relationship would be real, based on honesty not on fear.

  • I am thankful for a drizzly wet walk along the seawall on Tuesday night. Who knew I'd love it just as much as a dry evening? And the best part (besides the conversation?) Was the grilled cheese sandwich afterwards at Terra Breads. SO delish. Comfort food at False Creek. 

  • Dinner (again) after that with Clint. (His place was on my drive home, so I asked him if he was ready for his second supper at 9. He was.) (For the record. I had a salad for MY second supper.)
  • I am thankful that I could spend some time with Drew tonight after work. He's moved into a basement suite! He lives a few blocks from my work! He and I went to Costco and stocked his place with frozen foods and miscellaneous decor items. So fun. 
  • And then I met a friend for coffee. Just seems like the perfect thing to do on drizzly nights, no? We talked about quantum physics, brains, and energy. Bet you weren't expecting that. I haven't been part of a boring conversation in years. 
  • And after that? I drove over to Coquitlam to hang a gift bag on a friend's front door. We always chat at midnight. And tonight at midnight? It would be her birthday. So. When she came online, I was looking forward to saying, go look at your front door. Haha. She? Was not expecting that
    • AND it's the weekend. I am so thankful for THAT.


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    And, by the way, I did go back and finish this post... 

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