Tuesday, October 14, 2014


While preparing supper, I had my laptop open on the counter, listening to tunes, and randomly writing down things I was thankful for on Thanksgiving:
  1. Music. Even if it does sound tinny coming out of my laptop. 
  2. Kitchens that one can dance in. Even is the music is super quiet because you only get so much volume out of a laptop. 
  3. Costco.
  4. Reading glasses.
  5. Two ovens. 
  6. Frozen chocolate bars.
  7. Val’s turkey dinner yesterday.  Might be the last one I get til Christmas. Why did I not pick up that baton that moved Turkey Queen from one generation to the next?
  8. Twitter.
  9. Answered prayer. Even weird prayers. (Like, a year ago, I prayed that a certain actor would get a chance to work for a certain producer. Hahaha. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? One year later? They are working together. You just know that if God is answering those prayers, He's answering yours too.)
  10. Sons who enthusiastically show up for dinner. And eagerly take home All The Leftovers as if your meal was delicious or something. 
  11. Sons who set up their mom's TV so she can watch cable, DVD's, netflix ...and patiently explain, yet again, which buttons to press on the 4 remotes. 
  12. Four day work weeks.
  13. Clean sheets.
  14. Shaved legs. 
  15. Patient girls (Mandi and Danica) who are encouraging about my very poor eye-hand coordination. Man. I SUCK at Dutch Blitz. Need to practice WAY MORE.
  16. A hair appointment. This hair? Especially these bangs? Should have been trimmed BEFORE I went to Florida. So. They are three weeks longer than they should be is what I'm saying. There is only so much one can do with a curling iron:

  17. The flash (the big external one) is working again. Yay. I love that thing. 
  18. Slippers.
  19. Friends. So. Many. Good. Ones.
  20. I have a job I love.
  21. Thankful that I agree with the vision and mission statement of Focus. 
  22. E-readers. (Especially my Kindle.) One of the best inventions. Ever.
  23. Coil bound notebooks. I will never tire of writing in these.
  24. Refrigeration.
  25. Fresh, clean, safe, drinking water. 
  26. Freedom to share my beliefs. I believe that there is a God who created the earth and everything in it. And that He loves us. 
  27. Thankful that I have the opportunity to review that book about Apologetics as its being written. Each chapter has me thinkin' ...
  28. Thankful for my dad and mom. And the enchanted childhood I had.
  29. Thankful that I live in Canada. And more specifically, on the west coast. Best. Place. On. Earth.
  30. Thankful for second chances, forgiveness and grace. 
  31. Thankful for this list: Six Ways to Boost Happiness in Your Marriage:

  • Count your blessings. Nothing can increase happiness more quickly in a relationship than shared gratitude.
  • Try new things. Falling into a routine, or even a rut, is easy. But that is a killer to happiness, so you’ve got to shake it up.
  • Dream a dream. The moment a couple quits looking to the future together is the moment they become vulnerable to dissatisfaction.
  • Celebrate each other. We all applaud the big things, but it’s the little and unexpected celebrations that can make or break a couple’s happiness.
  • Attune your spirits. The soul of every husband and wife hungers for deeper connection and a greater sense of shared meaning, and when it’s found, happiness abounds. Married couples who attend church together tend to be happier than couples who rarely or never attend services.
  • Add value to others. When a husband and wife do good beyond their marriage, happiness envelops their relationship like never before.

  • And lastly. this list: Top Ten Regrets of the Dying:
    1.  I never pursued my dreams and aspirations. 
    2. I worked too much and never made time for my family. 
    3. I should have made more time for my friends. 
    4.  I should have said ‘I love you’ a lot more. 
    5.  I should have spoken my mind instead of holding back and resenting things. 
    6. I should have been the bigger person and resolved my problems. 
    7. I wish I had children. 
    8. I should have saved more money for my retirement. 
    9. Not having the courage to live truthfully. 
    10. Happiness is a Choice, I wish I knew that earlier. - See more at: 

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