Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When's the Last Time You did Something for The First Time?

I saw that question posed on a poster on Pinterest this evening.

So I posted it on Facebook and got some responses.
And it got me thinking...

Here's my list:

  • Tonight is the first time I've put Christmas lights on before Halloween. (In my defence, it's dark down here, and I need it to be bright. So I've got the overhead light on, (which I'll replace with something dangly, something with many light bulbs. something like a chandelier but not so fancy) two lamps are on, plus a string of Christmas twinkle lights tossed artlessly into an old glass container. It's more cheerful (cheerfuller?) now. I don't regret it. 

  • Watched something on Netflix. And then watched something else. And then watched something else again... (Oct 18)
  • Ate Indian food at an Indian restaurant and didn't have a clue what any of it was. (Oct 9)
  • Attended a party where I only knew one other person. And I stayed right til the end. (Oct 9)
  • Offered to (and then did) pray, right then, out loud, in my office, for a (non-believing) salesperson who asked, "Could you pray for me?" (Oct 8)
  • Met an online friend in person. First time ever. (Oct 2/3)

(Pics taken on my phone by Tricia's 5 year old granddaughter, Kate.)
  • Vacationed in Florida for the first time and felt that wonderful sand. And had real Key Lime Pie for the first time. And then I had it again. And again. (Oct 1 - 5)
  • Rode a horse and shot some arrows from a bow for the first time. (Sept 2014)
  • Saw Elton John in concert. Had floor seats. 10 rows from the stage. BOOM (Sept 2014)
  • I SAW A FRIGGEN HUGE COMET blow up/burn up as it careened toward earth. Twas amazing. (Aug 2014)
  • Walked across a couple bridges for the first time. (Burrard St and Lions Gate) (Summer 1014)
  • Walked all the seawalls in Vancouver, most of them for the first time. (Summer 2014)
  • Went on/successfully completed a number of hikes this Spring that I'd never done before. Ran into bears and skunks for the first time ever as well. (Spring 2014)
  • After 30 years of not having photos taken of myself, I got the hang of The Selfie. (Spring 2014)

  • Figured out how to create a playlist on Youtube. (Spring 2014)
  • Decided to start flooding social media (as if one pic a day is 'flooding') with photos of beautiful BC. I updated my instagram and twitter feed with snap shots of neighbourhood, Vancouver and anything stunning in this area. Like sunsets and flowers and shorelines. Expect an increase in tourism. Hahaha. 




  • Sent messages of thanks (via twitter) to writers, actors, producers, directors, musicians whose work I've appreciated.(Spring 2014)

  • Read my first ever e-book on my Kindle. (Jan 2014)
  • Had my first ever RMT massage. (Jan 2014)
  • Visited Parksville on Vancouver Island. (Jan 2014)

Looking forward to a buncha firsts in 2015...

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My room? It's so clean. I sorted through my clothes and came up with a huge (garbage) bag of garments to donate. Also? A bag of shoes to give away. And? 3000 pounds of paper (finally opened a few months worth of mail) to recycle. I feel so much lighter. I am thankful that I had time this weekend to clean out my living space.

My entire wardrobe, except underwear, t-shirts and bathing suits. Every article of clothing I own is here:

2. I am thankful for twinkle lights. Seriously. The most magical of all light sources.

3. I am thankful for quiet work spaces. Got so much done this evening. Two hours at home, in the evening, with no interruptions > 8 hours at the office. :)

Shalom, friends

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Tricia said...

Twinkle lights, I love them an have them up year round, they make me so happy. Your closet looks great! Wish I could have helped you...it's one of those weird things I really enjoy doing, those pics Kate took are great!