Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back in BC

I arrived at the Bellingham airport on Sunday afternoon.
Max was there to pick me up.

Yes, I loved that.

We drove to his place in New West, where he got out, then I drove back to Surrey to get changed. I had an hour to get into Vancouver for the Martin Smith concert.

Mom: Hi! You're home...
Me: Hi. Gotta run. Going to see a concert in Vancouver.
Mom: Want to use my car?

You know how sometimes you don't know you need something until all of a sudden you realize you did? Like, as I was waiting at the Palm Springs airport at 5:45 am on Sunday morning, the last thing I thought I needed was to attend a concert in Vancouver 13 hours later.

But, SURPRISE. It was exactly what I needed.
And as I sat there, I knew, incredibly, with absolutely no doubt, that this was a divine appointment and I was right where God wanted me to be.

New song added to playlist and listened to on repeat for the past 48 hours:


Monday was a very full day back at work after being away for over a week. As expected.
And a gigantic part of me wanted to spend the evening unpacking, doing some laundry, and maybe watching TV.

But I had a thing to go to.
So I came home from work, said hi to my mom as I passed her on my way to the basement to pick up my camera, and then I said bye as I left the house 2 minutes later.

Her: What? You're going out again?
Me: Yeah, I gotta thing.
Her: Want to use my car?

Arrow was hosting a Retirement Party for Brenda and my laundry and TV watching were going to have to wait. This woman was going to be honoured and I needed to be there:

She has cancer.
I have never smiled that big in my whole life. And just look at her.
So much inner joy is just radiating out of her face.

I love that about her.
She has not had great medical news since September, but boy howdy, you'd never know it. She has this faith, man, that just inspires me.

And she's lived this life, that completely humbles me.
So many people has she invested in.

So many.
Like thousands.

Yeah, sure, it was her job to do that. But I think that was the point. She was going to do it, regardless, so God created a job for her that was perfect.

She is leaving behind a legacy.
People from all over the world sent in words of gratefulness and thanksgiving for the time, love and energy she'd poured into their lives. Marriages were saved/made stronger, families were held together and flourished, ministries prospered as a result of her. She listened. And prayed. And spoke words of wisdom into their lives.

And she asked the hard questions.

As one person after another shared their "Brenda" stories, I sat with my camera and fought back tears. Finally after two hours, I just let them drip.

(Therein lies a greatest difference between us. She can smile in a second and I can cry on a dime.) Different giftings, I guess.

She's got one.

She's in her mid-50's and has a legacy.

I'm a few years behind her and I can't even freakin figure out where I should live.

Dear God,
Could you heal her?
Make the cancer go away?
Do a miracle and extend her life so she can attend all her grandchildren's weddings.

God, I pray that You would continue to be her rock. When she comes to you to hear Your heartbeat, may it be clear. Strong. Steady. Constant.

Fill her with Your peace.

Continue to provide her with Your wisdom. Enable her to share it with people who need to hear it.

May You never stop reaching people through her smile.

Give her family hope. And energy. And patience.
Thank you for this season of growth and laughter and togetherness.

Protect the whole lot of them from discouragement, fatigue and doubt.
Place your angels on their rooftops and do not allow evil to enter.

Fill them with Your joy...



Today, after work, I stopped in at home to pick up the DVD collection I'd bought in Palm Springs.

Mom: Hi.
Me: Hi, On my way out.
Mom: Again?  Where are you going today?
Me: Going to bring these Natalie Wood movies to dad.
Mom: Want to take my car?

These three conversations with my mom are exactly why I have been lending my truck to my kids when they need it.

I have been the recipient of vehicular generosity my whole life.
Even before I ask, it is offered.
This? Is the love language I grew up with.


Me, kissing his forehead and squeezing his hand: Bye Dad. Love you.
Him: Bye. I. Love. You. Too.
I wave at his doorway and make my way to the elevator.
Door opens.
Her, in a wheelchair with her wig on backwards: FINALLY. Can you help me?
Me: Sure. What can I do?
Her: I'm trying to get to the 4th floor. And I keeping pressing the button. But every time the door opens, it's the 3rd floor. I've been in here forever.
Me: Here. Let me try. (And I use the secret way to press buttons that the residents don't know about.)
Her, touching my stomach: You got a baby in there?
Me: Nope. Just a lot of fat.
Her: I don't knooooow. Looks like a baby to me.
Me: Wouldn't that be something?
Her: I think it would be awesome.
Then, like magic, the doors open and we're on the 4th floor.
She leaves and I go down 4 floors and out to the foyer. A notice on the door indicates that the code to leave the building has been changed.
Me, to the other woman/visitor in the lobby who looks to be about my age: Do you know the new code?
Her, looking me over (I'm in a dress with boots holding a purse with truck keys in my hand): Do you live here, dear?
Me: Blinks
Her: Because, I'm sorry. I can't give that information to residents/elders.
Whoa. Ego took a beating tonight. ‪#‎OldAndFat‬ ‪#‎ButMyDadLovesMe‬


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Inspiring friends
2. Generous parents
3. Creative co-workers


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