Saturday, November 1, 2014

Currently. October 2014

It's Oct 31, (Halloween night) and I'm at the lake. By myself. These are the things that I am currently:

Obsessing over,
Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about.  

1. I am obsessing over:
  • the hole in my mouth where my favorite tooth once lived. It was removed yesterday, so it's all still new, all this extra space. 
  • All. The. Things. I need to do before next Friday. At work. (My personal life is easy.) It's the deadlines and To Do lists at work that are challenging this month. 
  • I guess that's it. 
  • Really.
  • Look how well-adjusted I am.
  • Only two obsessions this month.
  • OKFINE. Only two obsessions that I'm willing to talk about.
2. I am working on:
  • At home? I'm working on eliminating unwanted/not needed stuff/crap from my life. This all started by cleaning out my closet. Then the dresser. Then my desk. Next? I'll go through one box at a time (from the 200 of them stored in the basement) and decide if I need it or not. My goal is one box per week. So this is an ongoing project, is what I'm saying.
  • A photo book. An ANNUAL photo book. (Back in 2012 I had a 'GOOD IDEAS' party, and this idea (at the end of every month, creating a couple page spreads of your favorite photos. Then at the end of the year, wait for a good sale, then send it in for printing.) ... this idea was my contribution. But I never went forward with it because all my photos from 2009 - 2012 were on my laptop and it had just been stolen. And all my photos since then, mostly, do not include my kids. Just a whole lot of sunsets. And that would be a boring book, no?  But Terry encouraged me to do it anyway. And so I started with 2014. I've got 12 page spreads done. AND I'M STILL IN JANUARY. And I'm going to love working on this. 
  • At work? I'm working on All The Christmas/Year End Mailings/Updates/Emails. I currently have 57 open projects. And some of those projects (like say, our November Appeal Campaign) have 10 - 15 smaller projects inside them. By the end of the month, I will have placed orders for hundreds of thousands of print pieces. Probably close to a million when it's all said and done. I may be a little behind on my filing. Grrr. I hate filing. 
  • I am also working on the review for Chapter Three of that book about apologetics. It's due on Monday. I'd love to hand it in earlier though, because I'm always the last one. 
3. I am thinking about:
  • Halloween. And how this evening sure has changed for me over the years. Tonight? At the lake? By myself? Has got to be the most boring one so far. As a family, growing up, and then raising teens, this was the big night of the year. Party at the farm. Night games. Bonfire. Fireworks. Food. Fifty or more (up to 100 in 2002) friends usually showed up. Ah memories.
  • Remembering what an amazing month this was... Florida. Meeting Tricia. Immediately followed by mini-reunion with my CBI friends. Thanksgiving. TV working in my girl cave - getting NETFLIX, dinners and movies with friends, watching God answer some prayers, photo shoots, walks, birthdays ... all in all, a solid month.

4. I am anticipating:
  • A fun holiday in California next month. Disneyland and Palm Springs. AND SUNSHINE. And with that, I've used up my three weeks of vacation time in 2014. 
  • A hockey game, a wedding, a concert, a birthday dinner, a few more movies, another craft night, and a whole lot of work.
  • that I won't get SAD this month. I usually do in November.Hoping I can get through this month with a happy, positive attitude. 

5. I am listening to:

  • I am listening to the creek outside my window. (And a stupid lazy fly dive bombing my head.) But other than that, the songs I've added to my playlist this month are as follows:
  • This first one is actually an extended advertisement for a Samsung camera. But I liked the music. And the imagery. So now it's on my playlist. How fun is that? 

  • We sang this one in church a few weeks ago, and while I didn't care for the way WE did it, I saw the potential. So I looked it up, and what do you know? It's the Need to Breathe guy. And he does do it waaaaay better:

  • Oh, and this song? I got it from Humans of New York. Brandon photographed a guy who's studying to be a doctor but mentioned that he'd done a song with a friend and it was on Youtube. So I checked it out. And I like it.

  • AND THIS ONE? Was an advertisement too. On youtube. So I gave it a listen:

  • And I added this oldie because I like it. Alot:

  • And on Tuesday morning, my clock radio woke me up with this song, which was entirely appropriate. And catchy. So.

  • This one WAS NOT ADDED to my playlist. I do like Van Halen, but not this song. BUT HAVE A LOOK. Oh. My. Goodness. What the heck? Hahaha. Oh David Lee Roth. 

6. I am eating:

  • Mostly soft foods. On the right side of my face. 
  • With the exception of a samosa I bought tonight at Safeway's deli. (I know, Heather. But I had a craving.) (It was veggie.) I warmed it up then realized I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to take a bite, so I mashed it up and ate it with a spoon. Tasted fine. 
  • Other than that, it'll be grapes, raspberries, avocadoes and tomatoes on the menu for tomorrow. (And the other samosa.) I think I suck at planning a soft-food menu.

7. I am praying for:

  • same as usual. Nothing new this month.

8. I am reading:

  • For my next book club meeting:

9. I am happy about:

  • Tomorrow's weather. Supposed to be sunny.

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