Sunday, November 30, 2014


I took Friday off.
And cancelled that doctor's appointment.
And stayed in bed til noon. 

Know how to waste a day off.

Mandi and I walked in the afternoon:

(Notice the blue sky.)

By the time we got back, 15,000 steps and two hours later:

Because I am out of touch with the real world, I thought I'd zip up to Guildford to pick up Q-Tips and make-up.



The whole world was at the mall.

I got what I needed, stood in line for eternity, then met Jenn and Yaunna to see a late movie.

And when we got out of the theatre at midnight:


Snow, in a pretty, not at all annoying sort of way.

SO thankful I spent the $1000 on Tuesday to get my truck all winterized. 

And when I got back to my mom's:

And when I woke up today? (Saturday?)

Back to blue skies again...

Bipolar weather.

I like it.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My sister. She does my hair. And I never, ever worry about what its going to look like. And she sometimes feeds me cake.
Her: Try this?
Me: Sure. What is it?
Her: Something from Pinterest.
Me: WHAT? You actually tried something from Pinterest.
Her: I wanted to have something different for dessert for Christmas this year.
Me: Thissss isss good. What's in it?
Her: Brownies. Smarties. Ice Cream. Whip Cream....

Christmas dinner is gonna end with an awfully delicious dessert.

2. I'm thankful for how pretty our world is:

3. Thankful for Christmas Carols. I KNOW! I never thought I'd ever say that, but tonight at church? They were exactly perfect. Upbeat. Hope-filled.

And I don't know if it's because I saw Whiplash this week or not, but I was very attentive to the drumming, and well, I think tonight's band had a very fine musician pounding away back there.

4. Thankful for friends who don't mind waiting til 7:30 to get together on Saturday nights. 

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Tricia said...

I too love bipolar weather. So happy that you had a good flex day. Black Friday. thought it was an American thing. Your moms house...looks like a movie set; so gorgeous. Me, writing this on threee hours of sleep.