Sunday, December 7, 2014

And December Marches On

And so the season begins.

That chaotic season of never-ending busy-ness...

Work has been crazy. SO many unexpected challenges on every project.
(Aaack! Twenty five thousand yellow BRE's are stuck in Winnipeg! Forty thousand letters were printed with only 95% black ink! Thirty thousand magazines were delivered to the wrong warehouse! Six hundred, but possibly thousands of shells are missing the red ink! And so on.)

My days have been filled with looking for good Plan B's.
Exhausting I tell you.

Thank goodness my evenings are fun.


My favorite moment from this week was the hour I spent at Vivid having Danica pamper my head. When I arrived, she was working on Emma's hair:

OH MY GOODNESS, I absolutely the colours.
SO vibrant.
SO rich.
SO playful.

I loved watching her work.
Such confidence. Such skill. Such joy.

After Emma left, she did mine.
Way more boring.
But age appropriate.

From there I popped in to see Drew:

He had a decorated tree all set up and a Christmas village on display. Hockey game on the TV, and a pizza on the way. He's a pretty happy camper in his basement suite.

From there, I went to my first Christmas party with Focus.

Food was delicious. My table mates were awesome. And it was over before 9.
Everything you'd want in a work party.


My next most favorite moment.
Eating Mac and Cheese from a FOOD TRUCK.
Oh, My. Goodness. SO, so, so very tasty.

There were about a dozen trucks to choose from, all parked outside the PNE forum which was home to the Vancouver Make It show. (Which was pretty incredible. Seriously talented artisans selling their unique creations from creatively decorated booths. I was time warped back to the '80's when my mom and I used to do all the local fairs, looking for products for Billie's Country.)  Anyways, those food trucks? All sold meals that looked and smelled divine.

And now that I've tasted a sampling?

I will be keeping an eye on where those trucks park this summer, and plan my weekends following them around. Because the food is worth it.

And I have a shallow life. Following food trucks around? YES PLEASE.



Speaking of food...

Mandi and I walked to Guildford to buy a loaf of bread.
Her idea.
And I needed the exercise.

So we bundled up. putting on way too many layers and walked for an hour to get to the mall.
And then we bought that loaf of bread.
It was from Cobb's.
And it was their Cinnamon Loaf. WITH NO RAISINS.

She handed me a slice before she put the loaf into her backpack.

That bread? Tastes like heaven.
I could've eaten half a dozen slices right then and there. But she didn't offer.

I will go back to the mall tomorrow.
And buy my own loaf.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1.Got to play around in the photo studio at work this week, using the white back drop and those big lights. Realized I have so much to learn about taking head shots.

I took a gazillion shots of the kids above (not kids, really. Very talented designers is who they are. Very patient people, too. They moved lights, adjusted settings and were Extremely Kind about my lack of skills.

In the end, the goal was to get one good shot of this guy:

2. I am thankful for the kitchen tables at friends' houses. So many good conversations take place there. And, well, the food on those tables is pretty fine as well...

3. I am thankful for answered prayer. And I'm surprised by answered prayer too. WHY IS THAT? And I'm thankful for church. And Advil. And washers and dryers. And clean sheets. And fresh air. And long walks with wonderful nieces, who carry home the Christmas present you unexpectedly bought after she got a loaf of bread. And I'm thankful for this warm house. And left over soup from last weekend's Bake Off with my kids. And I'm thankful for Christmas Cards. And words. Oh my goodness, I love words. So thankful for people who know how to use them wisely, creatively, purposefully, carefully.

Shalom friends.

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