Thursday, January 22, 2015


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. X-rays are a 2 minute procedure.

2. A day without rain + many after-work errands = a decent day.
(Hospital (for foot X-rays), eyebrow threading (seeing I was in my old neighbourhood), bank (my favorite drive thru, yes, in my old neighbourhood) pharmacy, (for anti-inflamatories and shoe gel pads, Pfff). Maxine's house (to pick up my truck key), Chevron (because, gas) Dam's Ford (to get oil light re-set), and Post Office, (might as well send out Change Of Address forms. I guess.)

This was all possibly too much for my pounding heel. I had two more stops to make but I skipped them and came home. If anyone ever wants to whine about bone spurs, I Am Your Girl.

3. Light bulbs.

4. Answered prayer. I had been praying about a guy who needed work yesterday (blog post. Actually I had 4 people in mind when I got to the 'job' bit) and today there was a photo of him, smiling, doing some roofing work with a friend. Haha. NOT AT ALL what I was thinking he should be doing when I was praying, but I can see now that this was likely the perfect answer to that request.

(Regarding prayer. It just occurred to me that I haven't prayed about my heel yet. Not once. Maybe because I think I deserve the discomfort? Maybe I don't want to bother him about my little pain, when given the choice, if He only has So Much Time, I'd rather He spend it on bigger issues? Like friends with life and death health issues, or people who need work, or sex trafficking in the far east? Anyway, I might ask tonight. I'd love to go for a walk this weekend if it's not raining. So, I guess that's two things: no rain. And the ability to enjoy it. Sigh. What if the answer is no? I hate 'no's'.)



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