Monday, February 9, 2015

FamDay Wknd Pt 2

We are at the lake.

All of us.

I was SO content and at peace, that I dozed off while reading Grasshopper Jungle on my Kindle, sitting in the papasan chair at 9 pm. I could hear,faintly, all that was going on around me, with Lady and the Tramp playing as a backdrop to my family's night at the lake. "We are Chi A Neeeze if you pul eeze. We are Chi A Neeze if don't pleeze..."

"Yeah. That's what she does," I hear Drew say. "Loud, eh?"

I open my eyes and see everyone staring at me.

"I was snoring, wasn't I?"
They keep staring.

"It SO sucks to be me.."

I decided to go to bed.
At 9 pm.
Because I was tired.

I missed Max's arrival but I know he's here.
How do I know this? Well, at 3 am I work up, wide awake and very well rested.

I finished reading my book, then heard Clint coughing so I went downstairs and chatted with him. (He's sick. Tonsillitis. Again.Third time in three months. He's a bit of a mess...)

Anyway, Max made it here.
And after Lady and The Tramp, they watched The Lego Movie. :)

This momma? Is in her happiest of places.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Drew climbed up on the roof, then threw down his socks and shoes as he cleared the debri from the down spouts then swept 6 inches of standing water towards the drains. Barefoot. In winter. Because he's the man.

2. Clint, despite feeling poorly, BBQed the steak, salmon and chicken perfectly. He has mad BBQing skills.

3. Danica talked. To me. About relationships and deep thoughts and girl things and I can't even.

Dear God,

Thank you for my people.

Could you heal Clint's throat? And direct us to someone who can help us figure out why he has chronic infections? And please, please, please, could you protect and keep him healthy in Africa.

God, as you know, there've been so many changes in his life thus far in 2015, could you continue to open and close doors according to your will for his life? Thank you for guiding him. Thank you for the opportunities he has. Thank you for the friendships he's got. Thank you for the way he loves his brothers. Thank you for creating him exactly perfectly.

God? Thank you for Max. Thank you for the journey he's on and the people who are walking alongside. I pray for him and his friends as they make a difference in New West. Give them courage and strength and wisdom.

Thank you for his patience, his inquisitive mind, and his sharp wit. Thank you for giving him the gift of 'hanging out'. He is brilliant at being laid back and enjoying the company of friends and family. Thank you for his love for his brothers. Thank you for making him exactly perfectly.

Oh, and Drew. Thank you for him. His smile. His attitude. His gentleness. His caution. His honesty.

He's pretty committed to being the 4th generation OBoy to make Langley Concrete his life's work. Could you provide him with wise counsel, good mentors and Godly role models? Fill him with so much wisdom it overflows.

Thank you for the love he has for his brothers. Thank you for making him exactly perfectly.

Thanks that we are all still in the middle of our stories. And that we don't know the twists and turns still ahead. Thanks for equipping us for the challenges we're going to face and thanks for not abandoning us when all we do is whine.

God, I pray that we won't give up on each other. That we would just keep on forgiving and extending grace. Can you help us with that? Remind us when we get bitchy.

God? There are people  I care about who are looking for work. Can you do something about that? You probably already are getting people and situations in place, aren't You? Give us patience as You work through the details, revealing Your plan at exactly the perfect time. Open our eyes to what You want is to see while we're waiting.


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