Thursday, February 19, 2015


Saw Kingsman Secret Service tonight with a friend and her daughter and smiled the entire time.
Some parts were silly. Some scenes were crazy. Some parts were disturbing but comedic.

And some parts were just fun.

If the 'f' word offends you, don't go see it.
I was immune, but when I saw it on Friday (with a different friend) she was visibly affronted each time it was uttered. And apparently it was often.

Well, it is British.
And you know how they are.
(Cue fluttering heart.)

(I should mention: if you are my demographic - old, church-going female -  then you probs won't like this. Just saying.)

Keep an eye on this guy:

He's got one of my favorite types of British accents. 
Plus he can act. 
Totes adorbs, no?

He's just a kid - he's Max's age...
Taron Egerton.

From this movie?
I discovered another song to add to my playlist:

Get Ready for It, by Take That:


I went to see my dentist today. For a cleaning. And to ask him did I really need to replace that molar?

Good news. NO cavities. And while it would be better if I had an implant put in, he said, "I'd be OK if you chose not to fill in that space."
Sadly, though, I have another issue that is going to require a specialist's special touch. Gum grafts.

On the upside, I had more kissing action in that hour than I've had in the previous 17 years. The new hygienist poked that wee suction thingy in my mouth every 20 seconds and then pursed her lips to show me, how to kiss the end so that my spit would be sucked. (As if I was a rookie at this whole spit sucking thing. Hahaha. She was too sweet...)


The thing I'm going to love most about heaven? My beautiful mouth. I bet it's gonna be awesome.

Oh, and speaking of good news. Have you checked Brenda's Caring Bridge site recently?
Clap and cheer along with us with THIS GOOD NEWS:

"This PET scan is good news. There is cancer activity but it is not alarming. Most of the activity is around the main tumour and I suggest we use directed radiation to kill that tumour. Then after we get the results of your brain MRI next week, I propose scheduling you for brain surgery to remove that tumour, if results show that is necessary."

He told me to continue with my current naturopathic regimen since, "you seem to be responding to it favourably," There was more discussion but the upshot of this is that I am treatable!!!   

Pretty incredible, eh?


It's Lent.

I kick-started mine by fasting today. 
It was not fun or easy. 

And for the next 40 days? 
No chocolate.

Which doesn't sound like a big sacrifice, right?
Well, for me. It's huge. I eat lots of it, every single day. 
By lots, I mean, 2 - 3 chocolate bars a day. 

So while today was hard, it's nothing compared to 40 days without chocolate.
It's the only thing I could think of to sacrifice during this lenten season that I will miss many times during the day. 

And every time I get a craving, I will remember the cross. And I will pray for someone. 


That's it fer now.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Easter
2. Shampoo
3. Oranges


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