Saturday, April 4, 2015

At The Lake. 'membering ...

Clint has been channelling his Bups today; building fires, puttering in the basement, raking twigs. I swept the porch and washed the BBQ.

And then it started to rain.

So we moved inside where I started supper and he got all OCD about the contents in the cupboards. Which translated into a


And it's GLORIOUS!
The clouds have moved out of the way, and it's all twinky stars out tonight...

OK. Where was I?


Clint, cleaning cupboards.

Haha. When Clint cleans, a huge pile of garbage accumulates. Apparently we have a whole lot of crap that has no value; a satellite thingy that doesn't even have HDMI compatibility. Non-classic titles of VHS tapes (who says Pearl Harbour isn't a classic?) Instruction manuals for obsolete electronics.

My truck is going to be overflowing full when we leave here tomorrow.


The septic system is having issues again.
Timer this time.

I guess it's me.
Me who'll look after this.

I miss my dad.

No really. I do.
He just took care of things. Things like backed up sewage. And broken doors.

He hasn't been that go to guy for years, but today? It felt really final.

The kids are all here. Clint and Max came up on Thursday night at midnight. Drew showed up for supper on Friday. They were all bored by 7:30 pm, so Clint challenged them to a push up contest:

Then they checked to see if they could squeeze Drew in between the door and the plywood:

(They couldn't. Drew is wider than 6".)

Then they set up an old gaming system (Sega?) and played Sonic Spinball. With one not-wireless controller:

Haha. That cord was like, less than 2 feet long. Seriously? That's how close they used to sit to the TV to play games?

At 8:00, Drew was ready to go home. He was seriously bored.

And I wished my dad was still around.

He'd have had something fun/awesome/dangerous for them to do.

Clint suggested they go to the basement and make something. So they all went downstairs. Ten minutes they were back. No idea what to make...


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. They found a movie to watch, then saw the steak I was marinating for their midnight meal, so everyone stayed.

2. I'm thankful that we have this place.

3. I'm thankful for Easter. Thanks, Jesus.


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