Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Books on Prayer:

I pulled these two books out of one of my ten zillion book boxes and decided to revisit them, daily.

I loved this morning's reading from John Baillie's book:

I would pray, O Lord, not only for myself, but for all the household to which I belong, for all my friends and all my fellow workers, beseeching Thee to include them all in Thy fatherly regard.
I pray also:

  • for all who will today be faced by any great decision
  • for all who are moulding public opinion in our time
  • for all who write what other people read
  • for all who are holding aloft the lamp of truth in a world of ignorance and sin
  • for all whose hands are worn with too much toil, and for the unemployed whose hands today fall idle
  • for those who have not where to lay their head. 
  • (not in the book, but on my heart, Lord, I pray for those in Baltimore and Nepal who are living in fear, and in scary conditions. Hold them close. Give them peace. Send your workers where they are needed most.)


And the first chapter of Catherine Marshall's book, is about 'asking' in prayer. What do I really want? Specifically. Why am I afraid to ask for it? Because He may give it to me? Or because He may not? 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Smart people who write books.
2. Books that make me think.
3. A God who listens to me pray even if I don't say fancy words. And even if I'm not sure what I'm really praying for. 


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Unknown said...

I started reading A Diary of Private Prayer 2 months ago. SO GOOD.