Monday, April 27, 2015

Moving Day

Max started moving out of his current house this afternoon. His bros helped. 

Current house used to have an award winning yard. 
Not so much these days, but you can see the potential.

Current house is going to be torn down. Two new houses will replace it.

Current house is falling apart.

... but it was a good place for Max and his roommates to live.

The influence of Billie's Country obviously affected Max's decorating style:

And the new place. 
High ceilings. Completely renovated. New flooring. New kitchen. New bathrooms. 
Lots of space. 

Very narrow stairwell leading upstairs to the bedrooms:


Also this weekend:

A late lunch in the Olympic Village, then a stroll along the seawall ...

...with Kim:

Thankful for three things:

1. That Max and his friends found a good place to live. 
2. That Clint was feeling well enough to help with the move. His tonsils are still inflamed, but he's not in pain. Thanks to those of you who've been praying. It's been a rough week.
3. Thankful that if the Canucks weren't going to win the cup that they were eliminated in the first round. No need to plan things around playoff games anymore. :)


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