Friday, April 17, 2015


I didn't got out tonight.
I didn't see anyone.

And I didn't use my computer for anything other than a music source.

I used this quiet evening at home to finally finish my book shelves project:

So. This is BookShelf #1.
Top three shelves are all DVD's. The ones I think I'll keep. I am giving away a couple dozen, and may end up culling more.

(They are stacked two rows deep by the way. The box sets are behind the single cases.)
Now that Netflix is available to me - I can see this collection is unnecessary.

The lower two shelves are a few of my photo albums. They're the ones we found at the bottom of various packed boxes last month when we were looking for picks of my dad.

Yes, I will probably re-shuffle that bottom shelf so that the colours go from light to dark. Because I am just that anal.

Actually, I'm going to go do that right now. Hang on a sec.


K. I'm back.

It's done. Rest easy.

Next. Bookshelf #2:

This cabinet is in my 'office' area... the top three shelves are books I'll need for book club, and/or want to read/refer to in the next year.

Behind the doors, on the two lower shelves, are craft supplies, set out in wicker trays. If I want to work on something, I just need to pull out a tray. I'm a little glad I could find a place for them.

Bookshelf #3:

Is in my bedroom:

Working from the bottom up; a basket of coil bound notebooks.
I need to go through these. I remember destroying all my journals from 1983 - 2007, so these must have come later. Can't imagine there's anything too interesting in them - but you never know.

I should deal with them before anyone tries to peek at my personal thoughts. I am such a private person (obvs) that it would be horrific if anyone knew what my dreams or Great Sadnesses are. (Pfft. Writes she, on her blog.)

The second to bottom shelf has three baskets with assorted camera gear in it. I cleaned these out tonight and look what I found:

(If you've ever seen me with my camera you'll know I never have a lens cap on. (Adam Schellenberg, this is probably making you feel ill.)

So. Many. Lens Caps. A treasure chest of camera accessories. Right in those baskets. Who knew?

The third shelf has my cameras and newly capped lenses on it. (My go to camera is in my hand taking the pic, so it's not on the shelf. You'll just have to imagine.)

Next shelf up has CD's on it. I will sort through these at a later date to determine if I really need them. I mean, once you've downloaded them onto your computer, you don't really need them anymore, amIright?

But what if your computer crashes? Or gets stolen. (Both of these catastrophes has happened to me. I am living proof of Turrible Things Happening To Good(ish) People.)

Anyway, I'll go through those CD's in a month or so. And beside those CD's are a stack of books that I need to return to someone. Or lend to someone. Or something. They won't be there forever.

Top shelf? Books. Books that I'm most going to read soon-ish. Maybe. We'll see. (Mostly they are books that I just couldn't box up yet. Maybe at the end of the summer, but not yet.)

The addition of the bookshelf in my office, caused things in there to shift abit. Want to see? Yes you do. You're still reading, so you're finding this all very riveting.

Outside that window? Is a 1/2 concrete wall. So this is a prettier view. Plus the neighbours are over there. Just beyond that concrete wall. So this is for added privacy in case I ever feel the need to blog in the nude. It hasn't happened yet, but menopause is coming so I'm preparing for it.

And this is where the magic happens:


While I was sorting through boxes and bags, I found these, the movies I watched over and over again with my dad:

Good memories. But not too anxious to watch any of them again any time soon.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This. From Danica, Last year. I have kept it alive. Despite forgetting to water it for a few months.

2. Thankful for space to put things.

3. Thankful for Thursdays,


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