Sunday, May 3, 2015

Currently - April 2015

Things I am currently:

Obsessing over,
Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Remembering, Happy about.  

1. I am currently obsessing over:
  • Footwear. I need shoes. My two go-to pairs that I've worn to work everyday for the past two years have called it quits. I've never worn out shoes before... but I totally have with these. Holes in soles. I need something comfortable because I'm old. And I don't want to plan my trips to the copier; I just want to get up and walk without trying to make it worth the effort by adding in a detour to the water cooler or a stop in the bathroom. Oh, those golden days of yesteryear when I walked without wincing. 
  • This site:  You upload a pic and it calculates how old you are. This site? Has been very kind to me. And now I want to marry it. 

  • And yeah, OKFINE, I'm still obsessing/very interested in All Things Northern England.

2. I am currently working on:

  • Cleaning up the boxes in my desk area. Earlier this week I found an assortment of cards (Christmas) that were signed and addressed. From 2010. So I mailed them. It caused a disturbance in the galaxy. 
  • Two bags of clothes have been emptied from my closet. They'll get dropped off at Sally Ann this weekend. As will another box of books and a box of VHS tapes. Also, I've arranged for 'large item pickup' and soon my queen size mattress (the one that was accidently left out in the rain by one of my kids) and an old double-sized boxspring will be removed from the property. 
  • I am working on getting the Christmas things I have on display in the basement put away. Don't even start judging me. MDD.
  • I am working on my attitude about the floor in my bedroom. It's a perfectly fine place to do a sit up or two. What is my problem?

3. I am currently thinking about:

  • Relationships. And how some are just way too hard. My heart is aching for marriages, engagements, relationships and friendships break apart. 
  • My life. And if I'm wasting it or not.
  • Finances. I gotta getta few things sorted. This'll be the month.
  • My boys. Clint saw our family doctor today (FINALLY) about his always swollen tonsils. Seems that the clinic docs he's been seeing for the past year haven't swabbed his throat. But the emergency doc, from last week, did. Turns out he's had strep throat for the past ten days. (Probably longer.) Grrr. No wonder he's been in pain. 
  • Also thinking about Max. He's moved into his new place. His house-mates are back and I'm happy for him.
  • And Drewbs. He's just on my mind. Alot.
  • And my stomach. Which isn't hurting. It's just growing. 
  • Thinking about a conversation I had with a friend. She'd been to a local Indian eyebrow threading place and during her appointment a "sound" happened... like a musical note thingy or something, which was a call to worship/pray indicator for their religion/belief. That sparked a conversation between us ... like, what would it look like, if all over the world, people stopped to pray (say, maybe , The Lord's Prayer) three times a day. What would happen if all Christians prayed, "Thy Will be Done" three times a day? And for that matter, what would my life look like, if 3 times a day, I stopped what I was doing and said "Thy Will Be Done" to God? Since that conversation? Which we had in March? I've been trying to force my first waking thoughts to be The Lord's Prayer. And then again at around 2 pm. And again sometime in the evening. Anyone else want to give this a try? It could be a 'thing'. 
  • Also thinking about folks who are struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies. Just read an article (Ten Reasons to Give Up Alcohol) that I kinda loved:

"Giving up alcohol means giving up a lifestyle.
It means not succumbing to peer pressure and learning how to have just as much fun drinking seltzer as you did tequila.
You never really comprehend the time you’re wasting, the memories you’re losing and the money you’re spending until you step out from behind the curtain of intoxication and into the light of sobriety.
It’s a whole different world."

4. I am currently anticipating:

  • Celebrating a birthday or two.
  • Seeing a few movies. SO many good ones come out this month.
  • Seeing a foot doctor. About, you know, my foot.
  • And a plastic surgeon. About, you know, my face. (The bumps and lumps. Not the wrinkles and sags.)
  • Seeing the specialist-dentist. Not about bone transplant/implant but receding gum line. 
  • I am anticipating hating this getting old business. 
  • Does this not sound like a fun month to you? 
  • I am also anticipating working on my 101 Things To Do in 1,001 Days. (And speaking of that. I haven't submitted a secret to PostSecret yet. So if you saw this one - it's wasn't from me. The guys at Arrow weren't uptight):

5. I am currently listening to:

Heard Rend Collective for the first time at the Chris Tomlin concert a few weeks ago. LOVE them.

And from Chris Tomlin's latest album, I like this one:

And just for fun:

6. I am currently eating:

  • I started this post on April 30. Finishing it up on Sat May 2 afternoon. (YAY, Baby Princess born today. Yay, David Beckham has an instagram account. Yay. Sam Heughan's favorite episode of Outlander is on tonight. Yay, the sun is shining. Yay. It's Saturday.) ALL THAT SAID... I'm eating a salad. (Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Mango, Chicken, poppyseed dressing. Um, yum?)

7. I am currently praying for:

  • Nepal
  • A few churches; Northview, Village and Westside
  • NA/AA communities
  • Marriages that are just starting out.
  • Marriages that are ending.
  • New babies. May they sleep at night.
  • My kids.
  • Their friends.
  • My friends.
  • Their kids.
  • Engaged couples.
  • My mom.
  • The entertainment industry.
  • Country of Brazil, because of this map.

8. I am currently reading:

  • Just finished Station 11. 

  • And have started Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

  • Next book for Book Club is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so I'll be reading that soon-ish.

  • Also reading those books on prayer I mentioned the other day. 

  • And I finished Us by David Nicholls.

  • Even though I've read her books on my Kindle, I just picked these up at Chapters in Pine Tree Village, because sometimes you just want autographed copies, no?

9. I am currently remembering/happy about: 

  • I'm remembering a fantastic concert in April. I hope I get to experience more concerts in 2015. 
  • I'm happy about Max's new place. Hoping he'll make some good memories there.
  • I'm happy that after months of swollen tonsils, Clint is getting some answers. 
  • I'm remembering Public Salon, and how informative and totally random it was, and am looking forward to the next one on Oct 28.
  • I'm remembering a couple walksntalks with friends along the seawall. I friggen love walking in the city along the shore. 
  • Saw a few movies this month; Walking with the Enemy with my mom, Cinderella with Patti, The Woman in Gold with Kim, Age of Adeline with Danica. They were all good, and I'd recommend them all. 
  • So happy that the sewage treatment system at the lake is sorted out. 
  • Happy that we live so close to Vancouver. Thankful for friends who sacrifice warmth for ambience ... to enjoy patio dining. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I'm now at the lake. Thankful for this place. Thankful for my dad's vision. 
2. Was at church earlier this evening. Thankful for people who translate the Bible into new languages. 
3. So very thankful for Spring.


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