Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Movies. Birthday Parties and a Game.

So I've seen a few movies lately.

On cheap Tuesday last week, Danica and I saw Pitch Perfect 2.

I really, really liked the first movie, and the first sound track.
I liked the sequel. And probably won't bother getting the sound track.

Not a waste of time. Lots of fun. 8/10


And then on Wednesday I got free Advance Screening tickets to Tomorrowland. So Heather and I drove over to Richmond, surrendered our cell phones at the door, then watched George. (Clooney).

I really wanted it to be magical and mind-blowing. But it wasn't. It was just OK.


Because viewing a movie from the veriest front row in the veriest right seat is an awful experience, and because Maureen wanted to see it anyway - I saw Far From The Madding Crowd again.

It was waaaaay better watching it from the middle seats in the middle row,
Way better,

If you like Pride and Prejudice, you'll love this.

I had another foot massage/reflexology appointment last week.
Sadly, I had to report that there had been no improvement after my first appointment.
She determined that deeper, rougher, harder, more invasive massaging was required.
Seriously. How can it hurt THAT BAD?

She pressed her thumbs into and along my nerve endings so deeply that my entire body could've cracked from the tension. She was in awe at just how inflexible and tight my feet were.

I limped out of there wearing exactly the most wrongest footwear.


Taking care of a person's body is an expensive and time consuming endeavour. Between my teeth and my feet I'm spending way too much time and money keeping everything working. End of whine.


End of whine, for now. 
Chances are I'll bring it up again.


Or, it could be a new whine.
About a different body part.

You just never know.

This is like a cliff-hanger ...


Speaking of aging body parts, I was invited to photograph a 70th Birthday Party on Saturday. At noon. On Burnaby Mountain.

A friend from work was hosting this event for her dad. Knowing my introverted tendencies, she offered that I could bring a friend, and sit elsewhere if I was uncomfortable mingling.

Haha. I appreciated her sensitivity, but felt confident that I could take pics and visit with complete strangers for a couple hours.

Know what?
It was a fantastic afternoon.

Everyone was happy, friendly, engaging...

I sat next to some couples who were having incredible retirements.  I asked them their stories, which they were thrilled to share. And I learned a lot about life after 65.


If you're looking for a new sermon series to get into, I suggest Northview's "Dave" series. Started last weekend, and it's a study on the life of King David. Gonna be a good one.


Sandra and I went to the lake after church. The plan was to watch Season 3 of Call the Midwives.
We got one episode done. Then we talked.

Til 4:30 am.

The chirping birds were our clue that it was time to knock it off.

She got up at her regular 7:30 am.

I didn't.

My phone rang at 3:00 pm.

Me, seeing it was Drew calling: Hi sweets.
Drew: Are you doing anything tonight?
Me: Nope.
Him: Can I come over for supper?
Me: Sure. What time?
Him: About 5:30. I'm going to church first.
Me: I'm at the lake. I'll pack up, buy some groceries and see you later.

My heart?


I got home at 5:15 and found MaryAnn and my mom visiting in the living room. Said hi, then got started on supper.

At 5:30 Drew arrived and mentioned that he'd invited his brothers. And they were coming.

Some days? Are Just So Good.

By 6 Max and Clint strolled into the kitchen and supper was ready. Chicken pasta casserole, strawberry and spinach salad and scissor buns. I made up plates for the ladies in the front parlour while the boys and I ate in the kitchen.

Max had an NA meeting, so he left by 6:30.
And Drew was gone by 7.

 MaryAnn and I did the dishes then Clint helped me with my newest purchase. A region-free DVD player. He was going to hook it up for me in my girl cave.

Sadly, we discovered that the floor was wet. Carpet was soaked. Just Like Last Summer. And so.

So my DVD player is not hooked up. And today? The carpet got ripped out and there are holes in the wall.

My poor girl cave.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Even though the basement here is having issues, the sewage treatment system at the lake is All Fixed now. Everything is flushing and pumping just fine. So thankful for the men (4 of them) (all professionals in the area of shit removal) who fixed things up for me.

2. Weekends. Oh how I love them. With all of my heart.

3. Friendly people. Smiles. Sunshine. People who ask questions. Kids who call. Boys who explain electricity. Children who follow through with commitments. Friends. Movies. Conversations. Plans. Books.

I mentioned that I'd post a few more pics of the English Tea Party we had at work. Will do that right this minute:

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