Saturday, May 9, 2015


Walking and talking. My favorite thing to do.

We had supper here, first. I don't recommend it.
LONG wait.
And small portions. Like, super small.

Moby Dick's in White Rock is waaaaaay better.

Steveston was just lovely this evening. We walked 13,000 steps (8 kilometers) as the sun set.

The dyke is one of my favorite walks, so nice and FLAT. Haha. (This house was love-filled:)

And the new promenade? Outstanding.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. It felt like summer today, no? The Best.
2, The scent of flowers in the evening air. And the smell of freshly cut lawn. So good.
3. Books. I finished another one this week:

Yes, this is my second Rainbow Rowell book this week. Yes, it's YA novel. Yes, I know I'm not 16. So well written. So engaging.

So long.

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