Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lakes? IN Vancouver?

Who knew?

(Well, I guess alot of people know. But I didn't...)

Trout Lake:

Isn't it amazing?

It reminds me a little bit of Mill Lake in Abbotsford.

You know that prayer I posted the other day?
The one about asking God to deposit a dream into your heart?

Well there were a few thoughts that went along with that to determine if the dream is from God:

1. Will my dream fulfill the talents, the temperament, and emotional needs which God has planted in my being?

2. Does my dream involve taking anything or any person belonging to someone else? Would it's fulfillment hurt another human being? If so, you can be certain that this particular dream is not God's will for you.

3. Am I willing to make all my relationships with other people right? (One wrong relationship can cut the channel of power.)

4. Do I want this dream with my whole heart?

5. Am I willing to wait patiently for God's timing?

6. Am I dreaming big? The bigger the dream and the more persons is will benefit, the more it is to stem from God.


Have you seen this video?

Watch here:


Three Things I'm Thankful For;

1. Warm evenings. Walks around new lakes. STILL CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY...

2. Authentic, flavourful, delish tacos from a tiny spot in Mt Pleasant.

3. Books on prayer.

For those days when you just can't find the words:

Prayer for the morning -

Shalom, friends,


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