Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer - Day 4


So much cancer talk this week.
Too many friends ...

You've got this, right?
I'm selfishly praying for complete healing for everyone.
But I guess more than that, I'm praying that Your will be done.

Please use their life changing diagnosis's for Your good and Holy purposes.
And give them a deep sense of peace in the process.

We want what You want, (and if we're struggling with that, maybe You could open our eyes to see what You're up to?), so God, go about Your business, using this week's cancer crap to make a difference in Your kingdom.

Broken hearts.

Why do we find relationships so hard sometimes?
Can't it be easier?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?

Don't answer.
We mess a lot of good things up, I get it.
Could you help us with our relationships? Especially marriages?

Mentors? Role models? Friends with insight and boldness?
Stir in our hearts the desire to work things out.
Muddle our minds so we forget the details and reasons why we were so fricken angry in the first place.
Open our eyes so that we see each other clearly, as You do.

Remind us to be kind. To say kind things. To do kind stuff.
Help us to forgive each other. Maybe make forgiving someone such an awesome experience that we want to do it over and over again?

Create in us, all of us, a longing to stay married to the one we are married to. Put blinders on us so we don't get tempted.

I pray for healthy families. Ones that love You and each other above all else. May we be a community of people who value family. Do whatever You have to to help us achieve that.


Drugs/alcohol addiction.

Thank you that there's help available.
I pray that You would give boldness and opportunities to share their stories to those who have had some degree of success in overcoming their addictions. I pray that local rehab houses and AA/NA meetings would overflow with new faces desiring help.

I pray that those who simply need a nudge or an invitation would get what they need to start a new lifestyle TODAY. That they would have the courage to take the first step. I pray that You've gone ahead and have provided someone to walk alongside.

I pray that You've gone ahead and have prepared a path for their recovery journey, whatever that may look like.

I ask that You dispatch Your angels to be sitting on the roofs and at the doors of the safe places where those who are in recovery meet. May evil and temptation not enter. May those who walk through those doors find help, healing and may they experience hope and peace.

God I pray that they would surrender their will to You.

While I'm at it?

How about those needing meaningful work?
Can you help them find it?
Can it be awesome?
And perfect, considering their talents and passions?

Could the employer have integrity and morals? Could the environment be positive and life giving? Could opportunities for growth be abundant?

Are You on this? Have You gone ahead, and are simply working out the timing and details? Give us all patience as we wait.


Thanks for being by my side this week with that whole surgery/cold thing.
Thanks that my face is healing.
Thanks that my cold isn't going to kill me.

Thanks for smart doctors, and steady hands, and bright lights, and sterile working conditions, and this country, and our medical system, and skin that heals and friends that care.



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