Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer - Day Two

(If I keep this up its going to be easy titling my blog posts all summer.)

Thank you, thankyou, THANK YOU for praying and posting encouraging words on my Facebook page. The past 48 hours have been rough, but I'm on the mend. (If only this cold would 'break'. The congestion just keeps building and building. My eyes will not stop watering. And I cab breave out of my nose.)


Second day of summer.

I went to work.

And lasted three hours.

Seriously Can Not breathe.

Plus, this face. It demands attention. Which, haha, I would rather not have. Ever. So I left the office and worked from home.

(By the way? This will not become a 'thing'. I won't post daily updates/selfies... although I may post a pic of what the scar looks like once the tape and stitches come off/out.)

Three things I'm thankful for:

1, The internet and my employer who both make it possible for me to work from home.

2. Advil Cold and Sinus meds which make it possible for me to breathe for about 2 hours at a stretch.

3. Disney/Pixar for making movies. And Danica, for sitting in a dark theatre with me.


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