Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vacation. Day 1.

We (Sandra and I) are in Colorado for a few days. Then we will be in Vegas for a few more.

So far?
VERY good.
We spent the morning getting up. Slowly.

And the afternoon in Boulder:

That meadow path? Just about did me in.
It doesn't look like it, but it's got a pretty good incline going. My body was not a fan.
PLUS it was about 183 degrees out.

SO pretty tho.

We walked for one mile.

And we were ALREADY one mile above sea level.

Please be impressed.

Then we popped in to see the museum. (Well, actually someone had to use the bathroom, so the museum was an unplanned stop.) (But totally worthwhile.)

These are real animals. Dead. And stuffed.

And then we got into our jeep and headed up Flagstaff Mountain for a look-see ...

We stopped at every look out and gasped. SO pretty.

I? Did not do this:

We did some more hiking.
This time the air was cooler.

Looking back at that field we walked up, earlier.
Maybe you can appreciate my whiny-ness... Can you see the incline?

This is my favorite type of exploring...
Then stopping to see what there is to see.

We stopped at every single 'scenic spot' on the drive to the top.
My heart was so happy,

And the view from the top?

There was a walking path and gathering spot at the top.

This tree?
Is growing out of a ROCK.


Those storm clouds, above? Were our cue to get off the mountain.

So we headed back into Denver:

As much as I love nature exploring, I also love city exploring.
So interesting...

It was at this point, Sandra pulled out a map on her phone. Our goal was to see the famous Blue Bear. It was only a few kilometers away, so we kept walking.

Denver is goreous.

Dija notice the storm clouds in the background?

Well, did you?


And then?

There he was.

A huge blue bear peaking in the windows at the Convention Centre...

How fun, no?

Meanwhile, a tour was taking place just around the corner; a sort of 'adapted' Walking Tour for the Middle-Aged:

And then?
Those aforementioned storm clouds open up.

We hung out under an overpass, waiting for it to end...

It didn't.

It turned to rain.

LOTSA rain:

We didn't have umbrellas.
So we stayed under the overpass and I took pics of graffiti.

The rain never did let up.
So we just got wet.

Had dinner downtown, then walked around abit...

Day One of this vacation?

Was every single type of perfect.
Rich, full, varied, fun.


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