Monday, June 22, 2015

Vacation Day 9

Today was a travel day.
Got up.
Flew home.

End of vacation.

Home is a wonderful place.
Even if it's in the soggy, wet basement of your dad and mom's house. (The basement/my girl cave has had issues and All My Things have been removed, as well as the carpet. No TV watching for me for the foreseeable future. The floor is very wet in there.)

That said, I still have my bedroom. With my own bed. That I'm not sharing with anyone tonight. (I've been on my own for Soooo Long, that sharing a room, never mind a BED, is always a stretch for me.) So I am just lying here, smiling.

Yes, I will go back and fill in all the missing details from the previous 8 blog posts. But in the meantime, here are my Top Three Travel Highlights:

1. Hands down my very favorite-ist part of this trip was the event we built the vacation around in the first place: the Third Day concert at Red Rock Amphitheatre. AMAZING evening. Stunning scenery. Incredible music. Fantastic venue.

2. Garden of the Gods. You must go visit it. Breathtakingly beautiful.

3. The boulders in Boulder, Colorado.

Las Vegas was fun, and sitting beside the pool was relaxing, but it was really, really hot. Like, yesterday it was 112 degrees. Which made it tricky to fully unwind. Keeping hydrated became a never-ending full-time quest.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This life I get to live.

2. Today is Father's Day. I am so thankful for the dad I got. I am thankful that he is being a Bups to all the kids in heaven. He's likely teaching them to wink, use blow torches, hammer nails, and ride quads. Love you dad. Thank you, God.

3. Thankful that my doctor took a closer look at my lumpy face two weeks ago. That spot by my eye/tear duct? Is cancer, so he fast-tract-ed an appointment with a 'guy in Surrey' (plastic surgeon) to remove it. Thankful for a speedy surgery date (June 22, 9 am). Thankful that God's in control. Thankful that I haven't had too much time to worry.

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